Permenant ops points reset?

Is there a way to reset my ops points in an operation so I can ACTUALLY get the intended story progression? I did the ops online with people who already had points so I missed huge portions of the story. I’m going to play them with my roommate who just got them all, but I want us to experience the full story. I reset them in solo and then quit, but when I started a new game I still had 40 points. I reset it again and purposely got a game over and still had 40 when I started another one. Is there a way to actually reset them so I can see the story, or am I permenantly screwed out of the story because I played with people who already had 30+ points? I feel cheated out of all the jokes and story, and I really wish I had he option to either permenantly reset them to 0 so I can work through the story again, or to choose how many I start with in private solo menu where you choose if it’s harcore and such.

The reset option is just to change the solo difficulty for that match. There is, unfortunately, no way to select version n of the story. It would be a nice thing to have though (paging @Jythri!)

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It’s something we wanted, but wasn’t possible for the initial release of the operations. There’s a possibility we might consider it for a future update. I would personally really love it.


Thanks! Meanwhile I’m looking forward to going home and encountering a Demon Bear…

I thought that it always took the person with the highest ops point value, but it played the narrative of the person who’s done the least amount of story? So it should never skip a narrative, but it might jump around a bit for you if someone else has played them less.

I hadn’t realized that was how it worked exactly.
The problem I ran in to is I got the first two or three portions of story, but when I became the one with the higher ops points I got repeats of storylines I had already seen while still getting another play through. This effectively forced me to skip storylines while replaying the first two or three over and over again.
However, I just realized that if I piggyback off my roommate and make sure we do all 10 playthroughs together for each op, then I should be able to get the story. Hopefully my overzealous insistance to play each op 10 times with him won’t drain his much lower video game stamina.
However, we beat BL2 together like 8 times leading up to PreSequel’s release so hopefully I can get that level of commitment out of him again. lmao

I would absolutely love to see this in a later update, and I’m sure I speak for plenty of others.
I really appreciate the feedback and I love everything you guys do. You’ve always been incredibly present in the community and that means the world to your fans.