Perminantly stuck in online game

After playing online public games i have a level 29 save (that has since been deleted) still showing up as a joinable game in match browser.

Changed network preferences to online friends only and swapped to a higher level character but im still having people join the game at level 27-31 even though i was 72. Using another level 29 character to access match browser, i can see my own game as one i can join. Forced steam into offline mode and changing my steam server location has not helped. Tried using back ups for my saves and profile and even uninstalling game and all files in “my documents” including my saves and profile.

When i reinstalled the game and started with a new profile i still had someone join my level 1 new game with a level 29 character. My steam profile is set to private and game is set to friends only. This online game only appears when i have launched bl2

Here is a screenshot showing the problem although the first 3 letters of the name are covered up you can see that the name on right in background matches the name of the first online game in the list. Although it offers me the chance to join my own game it tries to connect and fails hopefully that should help explain better what is going on.

The only way to play the game at the moment is in offline mode otherwise anyone with a 27-31 character can join any game im playing despite it being either friends only or even invite only

Have used 2k website to enter a support ticket but i was interested to know if anyone has had a similar issue?

just to let people know steam server crashed and disconnected me while i was in a friends game and that seems to have removed the bugged online game, i always thought it was the servers as it occured 24 hours after the servers malfunctioned on christmas day and it looks like the issue is resolved

still would be interested to hear if any others have had or seen a similar problem like this