Persistence Hunter bug

I noticed that this skill in particular does not apply to Fade Away. I mean, it is supposed to add an 45% extra duration at max rank, but it does not. Am I missing something?bug

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I’m pretty sure it’s been working for me on PS4, but i will double check.

If you’ve taken the augment gorilla in the mist that might be causing confusion

Sorry for double post, but

The skill is working for me
Fade away base duration and 3/3 Persistence Hunter is making it nearly 22 seconds, which is what it should be

It works just fine for me. I never use Fade Away without Guerrillas in the Mist, which brings the duration down to 8 seconds. Persistence Hunter brings it up to around 12, matching the +45% duration displayed in the description.

I tested it with a stopwatch.

So this is definitely not working for me on PC at the moment. No matter how many points I put into Persistence Hunter Fade away still only lasts 8 seconds with Guerillas in the Mist selected.

They nerfed that augment. It says it lasts 6 seconds, but I’ve seen people saying it’s actually 5. So 3/3 persistent hunter should make it nearly 8 now

Hmm, ok, someone should tell them to change the stats on it then, still says 8 seconds base for Guerillas.

Have you updated with todays patch? I have, but i didn’t actually look at the description