Persistent code

Has anyone come up with a way to store variables and such between game sessions/missions? I’ve tried things like saving to a text file, but AFAIK this conflicts with the game’s native save system, and vise versa.

@b8factor do you have an idea?

Mikali, I remember your older ambitions along these lines and I’m glad you’re looking into it again, or it seems.

No. :frowning:

Could you create a dummy ship in the players (persistent) fleet as a sneaky way of storing a variable?

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What is the problem you encounter here ? It’s perfectly possible to store a variable value in a file and reload it later with a dofilepath. What’s the conflict you seem to have exactly, I don’t understand :confused:


Huh? Can you detail this, please, 'cause it’s new to me too?

Edit: I meant “during a game”, so you could store a value in a file ingame and retrieve it during the same game.

Yes, but what if the player decides to load a previous save game, or start a new game? The text file and save game then reflect two different game world ‘states’. How do you keep the text file and save game in sync?

Oh, this kind of situation… don’t know, good question :confused:

I don’t have as clear a picture in my mind as when I was actually working on this stuff, but I remember giving up for reasons similar to what I described.

A long term goal of mine was to make a sort of cross between Homeworld and Jagged Alliance 2. E.g. an RPG-lite where you have a grid of sectors to control, roving bands enemies, as well as NPCs, quests, phat lewt, etc.

Not sure how far I will ever get, because designing an singleplayer campaign from scratch is very daunting.

I did get a basic conversation/dialogue system working. And you can technically rove around between sectors except for the problems I’ve been describing.