Persistent issues with Slaughterstar

3 times I’ve had to replay round 4 of this now, I’ve been here for hours. The first and second times I get all the way to the end of the final wave and guess what, an enemy refuses to drop down to die. He must be lodged twenty feet inside the wall, because no amount of rockets, storm fronts, splash damage, etc could reach him at all.
Now, I’m faced with an immortal enemy at the exact same point in the round. No matter how much I shoot him, he just keeps chasing me like some cruel tormentor sent by gearbox to make me break things in my house.
The absolute worse thing about all of this is I can’t leave. I can’t go do something else to calm down, leaving the area results in total quest failure. How can you ■■■■ up an area so badly

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Well… the game has a few bugs… Of course that’s totally unimersive and frustrating for the players…
But hey, it’s not like it’s an intended feature, is it now? :open_mouth: :wink:

Which makes me think mmmm, let’s see…
Oh, they have no bug report forum! :open_mouth:
Well, then, Rant away my friend! :open_mouth: :smiley:

I always seem to spawn flying down from the sky and end up in the ring while the team is in the lobby area. And the mission can’t / won’t start…forcing everyone to quit out.

Take a screenshot of the enemy and describe what exactly is going on. Go to and click Borderlands 3 then Submit a Request. Fill in the form, especially the Description box, and you can attach the screenshot at the bottom before sending it off.

That’s the best bug reporting mechanism we’ve got so far I guess. Hopefully it makes its way to Gearbox and gets a prompt fix.

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To be fair, the Beasts circle has the exact same problem.

I got through the cistern of slaughter okay, actually. The other two…
Slaughter shaft has the same issue that I always end up having with annointed enemies, they teleport into something and then forget to come back out.
Slaugherstar is just eating away all of my patience with this fourth round. It bugged out again on my fourth attempt, this time it didn’t even let me through the first wave. I just gave up and left, I’ll end up shattering my TV before I ever get through this broken nonsense.

Sad to hear that, dude.

i didn’t had mutch of a problem tbh…