Persistent Resources

I don’t know if this qualifies as an annoyance or technical issue but I’m not a huge fan of the asteroids I get resources from sticking around when there are no more resources to be garnered from them. I used to be able to assess whether there were more resources with a quick visual glance. Now I have to perform a roll-over since the asteroid remains.

I, for one, preferred when they disappeared. Maybe I’m alone on this, but could we please get rid of the useless rocks?

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I thought they added the new visuals specifically so you could see with a quick visual glance if there was more resources or not? At least it’s working for me, maybe a gfx setting?

I can tell with a close look at the rock if there are veins of resources on them or a roll-over of the mouse. It’s not so much a big deal with auto-collection, but the old visuals were more useful when I had to decide where to send resource controllers. Not a huge deal but just one of those things.