Personal DLC4 Raid Boss Ancient Dragons Guide

This is some of my own experience from fighting the dragons.

【Mission - retrieve】

Complete the base story gameplay of Tiny Tina DLC4, then in Flamerock Refuge, next to the Fast Travel, complete all side quests from Mr. Torgue, then get the mission “Raiders of last boss”

【Mission - location】

Fast Travel to Lair of Infinite Agony and turn right and take the lift upwards, then walk straight, to your right use the gear on the wall to open the door behind you. Jump down through the door and go upstairs on your right. Open the door in front of you, then you should see the altar and be able to “make offerings (20 Eridium)” and the passage is open to Winged Storm.


Like all other raid bosses, as long as there is at least one team member in the arena, the fight continues, and newly joined players cannot enter the arena until everyone is outside of it.

【The dragons】

They appear at the same time, to your left is Brood (green, shoots corrosive explosive balls and spawns small basilisks when landed, weak to fire and immune to corrosive)
to your right is Healianth (blue, shoots shock beam that also reduces your speed, heals other dragons when landed and weak to fire and immune to shock)
Boost (purple, shoots slag beam that slags players, level up other dragons whenever he lands, weak to fire and immune to slag)
Incinerator (red, shoots fire beam, reflects bullets for the short period after landed, immune to fire)

Incinerator is the closest one to you while Healianth is the farthest.

Health (scaled):

Healianth (5) Incinerator (3) Brood (2) Boost (1)

【How to fight】

The dragon you shoot first lands first, to make it land faster you need to 1. deal more damage to it. 2. keep shooting at it until it lands. If you stop shooting when it’s still in midair, it won’t land directly.

  • If you damage the dragons with elemental weapons / grenades / shields, etc. ALL dragons become immune to ALL elemental effects when they land. So you may want to use a non elemental weapon with high fire rate and accuracy to shoot the dragons and make them land.
  • You also want to get rid of Raving Retribution, Flame of FireHawk, Deathtrap, etc. so you will not accidentally damage an unwanted dragon and make it land.
    There are 2 ammo shrines and 1 health shrine around the arena, if the dragons land at the shrine they will be much more still and calm for you to shoot.

Keep a proper distance with the landed dragon. Too close - good for melee but bad for guns with splitting bullets to hit crits. Too far away - dragon will jump at you and take away a ton of your health.
After killing a dragon or it takes off, always swap to your non elemental weapon first then head to the shrine if you need to.


Tons of money and Eridium, world drop gear and unique Seraph crystals and gear.


Really? I had no idea - this should certainly help in that fight.

Oh man, I never noticed… usually that fight is too frantic for me to pick up on that.


That’s why I feel it might be useful to share my personal findings.

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They share this trait with Loot Midgets, Airborne Marauders and the midgets that are strapped to Nomad shields.


Order is quite important, too. That may depend on character, setup and personal preference, but it’s important. I usually go for green->blue->orange->purple.

And one more tip for co-op: make sure you and your team focus on one dragon at time.

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The order I take on dragons depends on which character I’m using- and since I’ve only (successfully) done this with Sal at OP8, I usually take out Boost first then Healianth, Brood and Incinerator last- and the easiest gun to use for making them land IMO is a n.e. Infinity…