Personal opinion on why Battleborn won't succeed in eSports

Literally their vagueness on their patch notes. If you look at any other eSport game, they will tell you actual percentages without making them ridiculous, what they did to make matchmaking “better,” and actually tell you everything they changed.

Ridiculous percentages: Why is there such a large nerf to an individual across multiple skills? Or why nerf heroes that do not require further nerfing for an aspect of that hero?

Matchmaking “better” : What do you mean? You say you are fixing matchmaking but do not actually say what exactly was changed.

Hidden changes: They have been changing legendaries behind the scenes and not saying when the changes were released. We need patch info on each gear specifically changed to become close to competitive.

The main thing is be detailed with patch notes. I know there are many other issues which can also aid this subject (stated in many other forum posts), however this is a great game and like many before me have said it has the potential.

I do not want to see this game crumble do to its own doing. I would like to see an eSports with this, but there is a long way to go (as to why I think it will not succeed).


The problems you listed aren’t actually that different from some of Riot’s and Blizzards patch notes.

Like for HotS matchmaking, most of the time Blizzard just says “Improved Matchmaking.”

Also hidden changes is something that every company has done before, and still do.

Not saying this criticism is bad, its actually good that you pointed these things out. But just saying that succesful esports companies aren’t exempt from your examples.

See, this is some constructive criticism right here. Just be more open with the community, Gearbox, especially with patch notes. If something was changed, everybody would know it, not just the internal play testers. Percentages would do wonders.

Esports aren’t the be-all, end-all of video gaming ‘success.’ It’s a great game with a lot of fun stuff to do. Myself and many people have a blast with it regularly. So what if it isn’t the most metagamey metagame on the market, christ. At least it has a f*cking soul.


Your jumping the gun a bit arnt you?

Yes, in its current form its not ready for the esports scene. But then no one said it is. GBX have said if theirs a desire for it theyll get on board.

The release and months following are exactly the time when a game is prepped for esports. GBX have no experience here so they made no illusion that battleborn would be good to go for esports on release. They need to tune everything, which their doing. No company has come out of the gates ready. DOTA went years as a wc3 mod before esports was possible. LoL had Dota 1 to build off. Fps in general have CS Quake UR tourney and halo to build off. Battleborn had none. Give it time and dont say it wont succeed so quickly. Thats just short sighted.

Will agree with you on patch notes though. For pro level play, all the specifica effect the meta.

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This, screw esports in the end its all stale numbers, making every game ■■■■■■■ boring with its focus only being on the esport balancing.

This game is good as it is without that.


Yes this game is good, but not a great game. Definitely fun to play, however even if you take out the aspect of eSports (@Moonbat), there is still a lot of potential that needs to be handled.
From high level gameplay, it needs detailed patch notes. Yeah balancing is an issue now but all games have that and it will come along. I would just like to see more communication from gearbox’s end.

Don’t get me wrong I love the game, but you have to admit changes to some features need to be made (as previously stated). Just individuals giving constructive feedback compared to super negative, aggressive and sometimes offensive feedback, in my opinion, help gearbox and the community to address an issue and move forward properly.

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Well, I agree with you, except I think it’s a great game. Haven’t had this much fun in years and years. So IDK what to tell you, I guess we have different values.

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When I first played this game, I too thought eSports, why couldn’t it generate a player base that came with trophies and giant novelty cheques…

But now my opinion has changed…

I don’t think this is what Battleborn is meant to be…

I believe that this game was made for gearbox/2k fans, it’s probably pre-existing community mostly, and generally your more laid back gamer types…

I don’t think this game was meant to appeal to the small percentage of professional players, whom can make a living playing it on a more prestigious scale (meaning arenas, mass marketing, trophies, novelty cheques)…

This game at least to me, is made for the ‘couch potato eSports gamer’, meaning your average joe, that wants to be competitive but doesn’t have to leave their couch/house, and doesn’t have to take things too seriously because they aren’t risking their reputation on it…

Does this mean it will last forever? Obviously not…
But we live in a throw away society as it is, out with the old, in with the new…
Especially with new generation consoles, games fade out as new systems come to be, unless they are given the HD treatment…
Different for PC I assume, but I’m not a PC gamer…

If gearbox/2k want to make it into something bigger, and appeal to the smaller percent of professional gamers (I understand this stuff has a big following) then of course, go for it…
Obviously there’s a lot of extra dollars for their studio if they could tame that lion…

But they have a great community, consisting of various ages, various skill levels, their cosplayers, etc…

I like to think they make their games with those people in mind, the bigger percentage of general gamers, the you and I at home (excuse me of course if you are a professional gamer), just doing our thing, and having fun while doing it…

I just don’t feel Battleborn, while it seems like it could be that market (eSports), I just don’t think it takes its self that seriously… And I don’t think it was meant to…

But hey, gearbox/2k can always prove me wrong, and I’ll support them if they do!

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Nothing lasts forever.

It’ll make it. I think it’s too unique not to.

But, people need to calm down. LoL took years to grow into the spotlight. This is brand new water, not a knock off of a mod :stuck_out_tongue: (a joke, LoL fans, don’t kill me please.) The game right now is for casual gaming. They don’t even have a ranked mode yet! The maps are being balanced, the characters are just barely starting to come out, and the ones who were released with game are bein tweaked. We don’t have draft, or any solid gear regulation.

However, they need to fix that patch note ■■■■. The second to last one didn’t even mention on the basic description page that they actually Buffed miko’s damage! They removed Ambra’s slow from her ult, but it didn’t actually mention a slow to begin with! Or it did and I’m silly, but I don’t remember one. Matchmaking fix would be kinda a pain for them to explain, so that’s fine so long as it’s accurate. Maybe they could say if it’s one to speed up match finding, team balancing, etc., but other than that… Eh.

So yeah. Game’s in it’s infant. Calm dem flappin boobies, give it time, support, and a good stern talking to when it eats all the cookies, and it will grow into a sexy beast in its own time. :slight_smile:

Been out less than a month and already a price drop. Thanks gearbox…

Sales were low and hype is building rather than shrinking. Plus, Overwatch release. Too many people think they’re the same genre, so they only buy one or the other.

Also, that’s somewhat irrelevant. There are a (few hundred) threads of people talking about that.

Battleborn just isn’t esports material, and I say this while playing everyday. I don’t think OW lends itself to a meaningful esports viewing experience either.

Agree to disagree then, except that we play every day :slight_smile:

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A tweet from 2014, are you serious?

That’s like comparing the 2007 Borderlands to the 2009 release…
When Lilith looked like Steele, Roland was white, Brick didn’t exist, and it was more CGI than its now iconic cell shading…

Plans change and evolve…

I can say I’m going to go on a diet tomorrow,
But that won’t stop me from binge eating instead.


Don’t see much of a real esports future for this game, honestly. However, it will always be a fun game regardless of that.

I’ve followed several games that had big plans for being a major player in the esports scene and it never happened. No big deal.

That… Really didn’t help me feel younger :smiley:

i wont support them anymore if they do, esports is ruining gaming.