Personal Space + TTB

Anyone know how the skill Personal Space works with the linked enemies of TTB? Is the “distance to target” calculation for bonus damage between the VH and the linked enemies or between the grasped target and the linked enemies or does it only affect targets directly damaged and doesn’t apply to linked targets at all?

IIRC only the target you directly shoot is affected by Personal Space.

That’s kind of what I assumed but wasn’t sure. If that is the case it still does affect the linked targets indirectly I guess. The more dmg you do to the grasped target the more that is passed to the linked targets. I always try to shoot my grasped target at point blank range for max damage if possible.

Yeah that’s correct. The target you hit is directly affected by PS, and the linked ones indirectly because their damage is based on damage dealt to the first one. But PS isn’t applied again. Thus, depending on situation it may be best to aim for the closest linked enemy.

It may have some variation depending on if any enemies overlap at close enough range. Shooting one of them directly versus hitting them all at once with something with big enough AoE like a Nukem.