Personal Vault items disappearing? Backpack boost here

So unfortunately alot of people have had items disappear in their personal vault, so if you need a 30 million in game currency boost to unlock all Marco’s Munitions upgrades per character for backpack space and the works, send me a message on psn to DreamerMoz. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon. We are keeping all legendaries spread across 4 characters for now with fully upgraded backpacks.

Just had my vault wiped this morning, pretty bummed about it, sucks that they nerfed the drop rate as well.

Twice it’s happened to me, given up playing till they sort it.

So u can create new characters and experience the different play styles while making alot more backpack space across characters. U can money trade share and loot share with friends while having fun so no need to stop playing this awesome game.

If u need a boost though with money hook me up on psn

Nah don’t need money, it’s just annoyed me, once I can put up with but twice is a bit of a kick in the nuts. I’ll start again once they sort it.