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Ironically, I hate math. It never changes so it bores me. I’m not bad at it. I generally read or slept through the class (most of them, not just math) and someone would wake me up for tests. Which I would then ace with zero prep or study. I swear those teachers saw red. Example. Was napping in math. Teacher would roll a dodecahedron to see who did what question, on the board. so they wake me up, i walk up, ask the question, i forget. so someone flips there book around, i look at it, and write the problem and the answer next to it and sit back down. so many HUH’s? Teacher couldn’t very well accuse me of cheating then now could she :smiley: This was some advanced math, forget which one.


It´s always fascinating to whitness people like you - as I failed at school due to math.
Broke off my Abitur in year 13, because my teacher said "Mira, I love you and your smart as a fox, but if I´ve to test you in the Abitur I´ve to give you a score of Zero…"
She was sadly right… Luckily one of the best, most cunning and most honest teachers I ever met in my life.
Frau Laube - you´re an honorary badass! :heart:


I wasn’t kidding earlier. I am just naturally good at everything, except the creative arts. Which makes me super jealous of you. I can copy, or further improve someone else’s idea, but creating is just beyond me.

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I´m naturally good with most things, especially creative, but I also can´t get a fine tune from a music instrument. Total lack of talent there, although I´m good at percussion (I hear every missplaced hit, but play lousy lol).

All things that involve fire or cars scare me a little though… (smithing, chemical works, torching, soldering, big-tool-stuff…)




INFP-T. I also get irritated easily at these things cause I feel like they try to make flaws into positive traits/quirks.


I agree with @Arsonist - these tests are easy to pick holes in, and they inevitably make everything seem like it’s a good thing. Not a fan, to honest.


I got “Mediator”. Apparently this category includes Tolkien and Shakespeare - though how these guys managed to discover the personality type of Shakespeare is beyond me!


It was more accurate than a Horoscope though still a bit sketchy.

Re being naturally talented… I wish I was! I love creative writing but don’t find it (or anything) easy, and I turned away from that when I went into academic stuff. I’ve got by with that through some hard work but I’m no genius. I’m lucky enough to know some people who are very clever indeed, and it’s a real privilege to be able to meet and listen to them.


I’ve got many opinions about the accuracy of tests like this, but they’re also an entertaining waste of time… :sweat_smile:


Took it again…couldn’t resist.

This was, I believe, my 5th time taking it, and I have literally gotten a different result each time.

First time I took it, I know was some crazy rare INFJ or something type.

Since then it’s been sometimes introverted, sometimes extroverted, always a very rare type.


I swear my whole personality and brain’s way of perceiving things changed like every few months depending on what point in my manic depressive / bipolar cycle I am at.

I’m a weird, mercurial, complicated guy with a strange brain.

Anyways, this time I got Campaigner.


Seems mostly accurate, although I am generally nowhere near as positive or proactive as the write up implies.


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Of course they’re easy to poke holes in. It’s not nearly comprehensive enough.


@Ganjamira made me take the test too.

As expected:

If you take into account that this could only be considered a preliminary psychological test to establish a baseline, I think it’s pretty accurate.

I was a bit surprised by the Identity Result, not really sure what being 63% Turbulent means. :thinking:


The problem with the top one isn’t that I can’t converse with people, it’s just that I don’t like to most of the time… Face-to-face at least.


INTJ-A here, a very stereotypical one.

I have spent a decent amount of time studying the theory so if anyone has questions shoot them my way.

A lot of the time if you’re getting multiple different types you probably aren’t overly sure of your own reaction. I can suggest maybe asking someone who knows you quite well to give an opinion on questions you aren’t sure of. Something to keep in mind is that this is a very watered down adaption on a theory that describes how people make decisions and take in info, the original theory is more to describe some base values of each persons thought process. This values however generally lead people to certain traits. This test is unable to get at the base values so it merely sticks to guessing by using info on your actions. So it is almost a test by proximity. This means the less stereotypical someone is the less likely they are to both test consistently the same type or to get an accurate reading.

@FlamesForAll If you’re still unsure on ENFP then take a look at the ENTP profile as it isn’t uncommon that these two test interchangeably. Although in my eyes it is unmistakable that the N and P are accurate.


Also, to anyone who can “beat” my introvert score, drinks on me.

I will drop the money at an agreed upon location so that we do not have to meet and accidentally interact with each other.


did you see my 100% introvert score? Bring on the next round, friend :smiley:


I love that a 53% extroversion score makes me an overly sociable weirdo here

And it’s a little worrying that I share the same personality type with @FlamesForAll :stuck_out_tongue:



There can be only one!

runs at you with a massive sword

trips and falls

impales self on said sword


-Cloud, age 13


I remember last time I took this I got ISTP, let’s see if it changes this go around.

Ha, yep.

Gonna read up on what it says, but the last two times I took this(couple years back) I got ISTP both times and overall agreed with it. HA! I even saved the link.
Sure, I’ve been through a fair amount of larger mental changes over the last few years, and I’d consider this period in my life the most, uh… Realized? That’s not the right way to use that word, I’m more aware of myself than I used to be.

People with this personality type take no greater joy than in pleasing others, often even considering this a personal duty, and this applies to intimacy as well. While dutiful sex may not sound especially attractive in those specific terms, intimacy is tremendously important to Defenders, and they spare no effort in this department.


you might want this

Anyway, yeah. I remember really agreeing with my previous result, and I think I did get it twice over a fair amount of time. Yet, reading over it now, doesn’t sound much like me at all. Not how I think of myself now nor then. But yup, this ISFJ sounds close enough. I think the generalizations about how concerned “we” are with other people’s thoughts and feelings are overstated, but most of it sounds right enough.

I dunno, it’s naturally easy to connect with general terms that describe you, too easy to find bits of “yeah I do that so much, wow!” Gotta be at least a little wary with this stuff.

But yeah, I got to post Creepy Cell, so this was totally worth it.