Pesky enemies in the Peak?

  1. Fire Spiderants: Are they resistant to fire? I feel like the answer is yes, but if they were really resistant, I wouldn’t be able to deal ANY damage to them, yet I can still kill them relatively quickly like any other spiderant.

  2. Surveyors: How do you deal with them? Any tips for your favorite class?

Yes they are resistant, not immune

I play maya so phaselock and bekah

2: Dahlminator with Zer0. I have not played in a long time, yet 2 for sure skills that turn this thing into a Surveyors worst nightmare are Vel0city and Tw0 Fang. Scope in on one doing a bombing run, and unload hell. The downside is your going to burn pistol ammo FAST. Thank goodness I play with a Salvador the most, yay ammo!

Other jerks:

Constructors can be a huge GG due to lack of cover in some areas. It just matters what they spit out. Why oooh why can they make Badass Slag Skags lmao…

Double Saturn because yeah…

And last but not least… CARROTS! Yeaaah guys watch me disarm these carrots OH CRAP WERE DOWN LOL!

The Dahlminator darts are, I believe, only capable of catching a Surveyor if they’re not weaving and if you have some bullet acceleration skill (so Maya or Zer0). Maya is my favorite class, and she’s good to go. Everyone else had a go with the Pimpernel (the sweet spot is, I believe, in the “armpit” between the wings), or the 12 Pounder, depending on which would take more buffs from the character.

Same strat when dealing with surveyors for every char:
Damage nearby enemies, wait for the stop-by repair then either shoot or get directly below and melee.

Surveyors surveyors surveyors, enough said

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Also the ultimate answer to everything in the peak is the bekah


OK, I’m getting pissed at Spiderants. How the hell do you damage them? I’m meleeing them right at the crit spot, but it doesn’t OHKO them.

This cannot be quoted enough. Take his advise.

OSKs or OHKs are not a design philosophy of BL2. It’s the constant shooting and bashing that makes this game.

Your efficiency in dealing damage against elemental resistant enemies can be increased by using slag , non-elemental and explosive damage weapons, so I suggest you fine tune your skill tree to work with that idea. Love Thumper comes into mind but if you got StV, you might want to weigh your chances.

Keep melee’ing until they die? iirc enemies in the peak have different health or damage modifier values.

If you have a proper set up you can one shot most enemies even in op8

Some do but the majority do not

OP8 Rakks, yes. Some Surveyors.

I haven’t had success in OSKing Ironclad Maniacs. Still grinding my BARanks to 400k in the hope of OSKing enemies in OP8.

Have you tried shooting them in the head? I can one shot bosses with maya, King Mong takes one bullet in UVHM, mobs are not an issue. Also you can do that with or without BAR.

My BA ranks aren’t that high to OSK bosses… soon… It’ll happen one day

But you can OSK bosses wtih BA ranks turned off

For some reason, it doesn’t happen even when BAR is on. IDK, but even with 29%+ critical hit + 29% gun damage, it still takes a few shots of my OP8 Pimpernel to down a single lvl80 Ironclad Maniac.

Skill tree is more important than bar, also what element are you using?

Also might worth asking aswell what is the char he’s using.

My skill tree is optimized and in synergy with other skills (no question there). Also includes the COM in use. I use appropriate element of course, but I can’t guarantee optimized weaponry (I’m not finicky or pedantic on grips, stock, barrel or accessory).

I’ve seen videos of Saturn being OSKed with Chain Reaction, Hyperius being OSKed via critical spot overlap with Zer0’s B0re and OMGWTH being OSKed with Gaige’s Nth Degree, if that’s what you mean. I’ve done that but I still haven’t OSKed Ironclad Maniacs (that is OSK in full health).