Pet AI behavior toggle. QOL request

@gearbox QOL change request for pet combat management.

Pet attack button still functions to command attack on press and hold(same as current).

Pet attack button tap will now toggle between 3 basic default pet behaviors:

  1. Pet Offense: Pet runs amok, same as current behaviour and attacks the first thing within aggro range. *Bring aggro range down to not include half the map.

  2. Pet Defensive: Pet doesn’t aggro until Fl3K or itself is attacked.

  3. Pet Neutral: Pet will not attack unless commanded to.

Simple QOL change to make pet behavior a little more manageable.

It’s horrible having little/no control over your pet, especially on a pet focused class. It’s disappointing when pet charges headlong into a badass or boss and there is literally nothing you can do to prevent it(no other smaller targets or whatever to direct it too) and it will often just charge in and die.

Would add a much needed layer of subtlety and control to pet mechanics in regards to FL3Ks combat. Would also add a higher degree of immersion to the Hunter playstyle.

Please add your suggestions on ways to better implement this idea or comment/like to bump if you support.



I love this idea! We definitely need some way to control their actions, since there are so many mechanics that are guaranteed to kill them since they don’t dodge (lookin at you Agonizer 9000).

I would just leave it at Offense and Neutral, since in any situation where it can you would want the pet to attack for Frenzy stacking, and any situation you son’t want it to attack you don’t want it to attack for any reason.

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Yeah, that makes more sense now that you mention it. Less is generally better.

Honestly, I was just thinking back to my days as a Hunter main in WoW(TBC era) and I lived the way you could set your pets behaviour to accomadate what you are currently doing.


Keep the pet AI hype love going.

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These pets are just like Aggressive stance for Classic WoW Hunters. I keep losing out of weapon/element-specific kills because I’m forced to compete with them for the kill.
Add that to the stampede of enemies that they pull when they chase, and its a nightmare.