Pet balancing suggestion for damage. (Poll)

Below are some ideas to help increase pet damage late game if the scaling becomes problematic. You can choose more than one option for enhancing, just wanted feedback.

  • Increase Ferocity to 15% damage (75% max)
  • Increase Frenzy buff to PET to double (80% max)
  • Increase Pack Tactics to double for PET (30% dmg and 30% health max)

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I think the skills are fine, they need to just increase the base damage of the pets.


I think Dominance should be replaced with damage scaling. This will give people incentive to go down the master tree. Otherwise, the other trees will have more pet damage, since their base damage is higher

While I agree with @13igTyme, I am not fond of the current iteration of Go for the Eyes. Neither it nor Ferocity really benefit players using the Master Tree for Fl4k’s damage or defense. And the skill is lackluster for pet builds vs Ferocity.

For example, if it was a pet Attack Speed bonus. It would help with Frenzy Stacks for non pet aggro builds, but would also benefit pet dps and tank builds.

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I would prefer Dominance to be something else. But pet base damage needs to scale.

Do you remember on BL2 when certain skills with a set damage number sucked. Like Cloud Kill, Helios, a few of Gaige and Zero’s skills. Then they buffed them to scale with the OP level. So if you were in OP8 the base damage of cloud kill was stronger than if you were in OP1.

They need to do that with pet damage, Iron bear and the clone. Damage should scale with mayhem level.

A fun suggestion I had for Dominance was to add the ability to use any pet, regardless of points spent.

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Agree with increasing base damage. Frenzy could be buffed by lowering the total stacks to reach maximum effectiveness. Dominance would be in a really good spot if it had Red Fang’s effect and they just reworked the COM. Actually, it’d be op, but Dominance could use any buff it can get.

For number tweaking, multipliers work best. Fl4k already has over 150% damage buffs on their pets, but they have very few and low ways to multiply it. Most of the multipliers are for attack commands (Go For The Eyes and Sic Em’), which wouldn’t be an issue if attack commands weren’t clunky and unresponsive.

The terror anointment (+50% pet fire damage on attack command) is a decent damage buff, but it falls victim to the same issues. Pet damage is low out the gate, so multiplying it doesn’t get you much. It also depends on successfully landing attack commands, which hinders it’s effectiveness.

The fact that Fl4k’s pets can have, on average, +140% damage, a 15%-30% (barbaric yawp w/skag or scorcher) multiplier and STILL feel like they don’t contribute meaningful damage is a problem firmly rooted in their base damage. No amount of number fixing, even doubling frenzy, will make pets usable for damage if GB doesn’t double or triple their base damage.

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Definitely needs the boost to the base damage. % doesn’t do much if the base value isn’t high enough to be worth scaling up in the first place

All true, however if you buff the base damage too much, then that would render these skills not worth while to spec in. People would not need to go down master tree for pet builds. Needs to be some balance between pet doing ‘ok’ damage, and a pet being a weapon with master tree.

id be shocked if all of these changes combined fix pet fl4ks problems realistically. the class needs some sort of built in scaling to the base damage tied to the master tree. and a capstone that isnt dominance

also, attack command AI makes the big damage bonuses you can get from that nearly worthless. if the pets instantly did the command you give them with no delay pet fl4k would immediately be way better

So what you are saying is… :thinking: Dominance needs to be replaced with ‘all pet attacks are command attacks’ :thinking:

::watches Jabber just blow everything up with rocket launcher::

(I know you are not, but I just had the thought reading your post)

dominance being replaced is a big yes, with what they replace it with is too much speculating for me. some sort of big pet buff or having multiple out idk. other than that i just want higher base damage locked to the capstone or something. making it so other builds cant just freely abuse having high base damage pets without the requirement to actually build for it

And yes agreed or at the least, let us kill the target…

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or just let the dominated target get benefit from pet damage if they really dont want to change it. its such a weird out of place ability as is

Could you imagine an anointed with all the pet buffs :open_mouth:

All that needs to be done is for the bonuses that FL4K gets, his pets get as well.