Pet based build + attack command = painful to use?

Hello guys! Im playing a heavy pet based build wich is fun to use but also painfull as hell.

Like you can see below im using the Beefcake Jabber for his attack command wich is a big baseball bat blow plus the perk “Eager to impress” who make it reset everytime it kill something.

If i want to play this build at 100% of if capacity i have to maintain F everytime i want to use it. Wich include aiming an ennemy wich is not close to death and closer enough of my pet.

All this make me not shooting and “playing” for my pet.

Maybe an “automatic attack command” option could fix this issue or at least another bind so we don’t have to maintain F to use it.

What do you guys think of this? I am the only one triggered by this? I hope this was clear to read and have a nice day!

My build


i dont like the mechanic that i have to push down any key to make my pet attack something. it should be a simple instantaneous keypress.


Glad to hear that im not alone

I think instead of d pad configuration for emotes it should be for weapon swapping or quick command press

when i go to click i gi cant see it

Yes, i tried a similar build and it is so fun to have your pet do most of your damage, and the attack command actually being extremely strong, but it is a pain in the ass to use since u need to aim down, hold key for like 2 seconds, then wait for ur pet to stop what he’s doing and start the ability for 2 more seconds, and repeat, extremely frustrating. IF it wasnt the same key, but we could bind it to another without the need to Hold down, it would be much better.


Skags are the ideal pets for pet damage builds, at least on mobbing, because their damage comes from regular attacks. Jabbers are great pets and they do lots of damage too, but most of it comes from their special attack – which is why they’re in the Stalker tree, which buffs their special attack, while skags are in the Master tree, which buffs regular attacks.

To reiterate: if you get tired of all your damage coming from special attacks, switch out the Jabber.

Also, the Beefcake is the most finnicky Jabber to use. He does more damage per shot than the Sidekick, but the melee special attack really messes up his AI and targeting. He’ll waste a lot of time running back and forth and it doesn’t do much damage.

Jabbers in general are difficult to order around because their AI will often default to barrel-grabbing, leading them to wander away from the fight at inopportune times, but it’s worst on the Beefcake. If it weren’t for his higher damage, I would say the Sidekick is better.

Once you upgrade to the Gunslinger Jabber, you still have to fight against the pet AI that gets confused and wanders off, but his special attack becomes a 3-shot rocket salvo. This can be initiated from range, has a large AoE, and allows him to switch targets in mid-attack if the first one dies.

The damage can be pumped pretty high and, with Eager to Impress, the CD can be reset repeatedly. By comparison, the Beefcake is trash.

Im not tired of all about the damages coming fdrom the special attacks. Its just the way we have to maintain the button and then wait for your pet doing things that is boring. Like Manuelfigueiredo prefectly resumed

Right, I get that. Pet commands in general are wonky, but they’re worst specifically on Jabbers due to how they work.

Every action a Jabber does takes time and has an animation lock. It takes him time to identify a target, reload a gun, pick up a barrel, use his special attack, etc. There seems to be a priority or a queue for these and he can only do one at a time.

There are also conditions that have to be met in order to use his special attack and weapon-swapping animations for the Beefcake and Gunslinger. The Sidekick actually throws the radiation barrel pretty quickly in my experience, presumably due to the lack of weapon swap animation lock.

There’s no way to fix the button holding, which I agree can be annoying at times, but – if you have to use a Jabber and you want to max his DPS – understanding the AI’s priority system will help you cut out wait times.

It takes the Gunslinger a few seconds to dig out his rocket launcher, period, but it will take him longer if he’s picking up a barrel, if he’s out of range, or doesn’t have LoS.

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Use skag for the pet build

If you focus on the master tree your gamma burst skag can solo badass mobs.

I agree with the attack command controls. Specifically, I either want to bind the command or at least switch the ability command to hold for FL4K’s ability and press for the pet skill.

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Yes I agree, it should be able to function without the need of your help, but should be able to be over-ridden if needed.

I really like Fl4k, but I cannot stand the pets attack command. I ended up switching to the spiderant just for the attack Fl4k can do, so i will probably end up rerolling to Moze because the specials don’t really feel that special or maybe I am just a novice. I do like how frequent I can send that divebomb raks though.

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My Meat-thief is there to cause a distraction, give me stat boosts, and revive me. I would rather pry out my eyeballs than play a build based on pet damage.

I wish they give us an option to enable for the pet to use the attack command automatically. Having to aim and hold the attack command is not very fun which interrupts my gameplay. Also, I wish they implement ai script like on some games such as ff12 and tales series to set the pet to do certain functions depends on the condition. For instance, assist whatever the player is attacking, use the attack command on the enemy who has certain health thresholds and etc…

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I straight up ignore the attack command at this point (and any skills that support it). As @Razorback pointed out, the Jabbers are definitely the worst. The Skag typically just charges the target, for example, but the Beefcake is like watching a 10 second clip of a batter walking up to the plate, lifting the bat, swinging (and hoping to connect), then dropping the bat and resorting back to punching the ball. It’s not engaging, or interesting, especially when you have to aim and hold F, stop everything you’re doing efficiently to just hope he does it correctly.

Since pets need a serious damage buff in general (idk, double their damage at this point to at least compete with the FadeCrit bois), I’d say the attack command should just be an auto attack every x seconds while their “special move” could be more of Bestial Wrath type buff that turns them into a wolverine.

Those are just suggestions off the top of my head - I know Gamma is the go-to “beastmode” buff already, but maybe just make them more autonomous in general with only one bursty skill to use (like gamma).

The other issue with the attack command is the pathfinding is often really disappointing. I’ve sent every pet available in for an attack command only to watch them ignore me and prioritize another target, delay long enough that the attack command straight up dies, they switch targets halfway to the selected target, or, my personal favorite, everything appears to connect but it doesn’t – the mob takes no special damage and now I’ve missed out on at least 3 basic attacks.

Pets need work – attack command is a big part of that.


After really digging into the Jabber crit build I have become a huge fan. Survivability, insane dps, and health regen like no other. Fl4k is my dude, and the attack command isn’t as bad, just had to get used to it.

Yeah if you get the gunslinger its nice, but honestly if you go down the jabber tree you might as well go critboi. The Skag is honestly good because hes already in melee range and has no special animation, and the queen spider ant is okay to use because she burrows instantly and gets past shields.

You are not alone, I never use attack command due to the press and hold thing, only use pet as a “resser” if I can’t get second wind. Kinda sad, should be an instant command or automatic.
Playing Fl4k with a jump die secondwind and nuke the world with Lob build,have no time to press and hold anything ^^ Indeed a stupid design, and still is since i post this in May 2020 -.-