Pet molestation: Not fixed!

From patch notes:

I’m not getting pushed around anymore so that’s good but pet still continues to molest me when on vending machines or trying to loot things!

Bad Pet! I’ll touch you later when we are alone. So needy.

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The pet still pushes me around sometimes.


Hug him, you monster!
Wait, that’s the spiderant.
Hug her, you monster!

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Considering how my cat is always following me and jumping on my lap for attention at his whim, this seems like normal pet behavior to me.


Honestly, they should just change the touch pet prompt to melee and PETA be damned.

I initially posted this half in jest but as I play more and especially in TVHM with mayhem modifiers I have to say the issues with Fl4k’s pet are starting to make me want to roll another class.

-pet is CONSTANTLY on top of me when I try to loot anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s an item on the ground or a chest. I can’t interact with anything with this huge pet in my face. This is getting highly annoying.
-pet dies too easy on harder difficulties which nullifies many skills that depend on the pet and frequently it’s impossible to revive the pet forcing me to just let it die and wait for respawn.
-pet makes lots of noises that get irritating…I’m also including the creepy Fl4k quips like “come on girl” or whatever.
-pet is not controllable. It frequently darts off in a direction I wasn’t planning on going and aggros half the zone forcing me to either go kill a bunch of trash I didn’t intend on dealing with or leaving my pet to probably die making it once again useless for a period of time.

I love the idea of a pet but I find myself wishing I didn’t have one at all many times which makes me think about rolling up a different class that doesn’t have to deal with all this stuff.

I run Fl4k w/skag and I haven’t had any of these troubles, the skag does die a bit, but that’s because I’ll spawn him by the boss or in the middle of a mob, for the rad and blast damage.
Now a friend who also runs it with a Jabber. It is noisy to the point of irritation.

Well the Skag must be unique because I have had these issues with both of the other pets though the Jabber is more annoying than the spiderant. Even when it doesn’t wonder off to an area I don’t want it tends to rush out way ahead of me and aggro way more stuff than I want and then goes down in a spot that’s impossible to revive him. Maybe once you get good gear and can melt stuff it doesn’t matter anymore but that’s not my situation atm.

I love the pets, but they still desperately need patching. Being able to look through your piles of loot is vital yet the pets seem programmed to always plant themselves directly in front of you, on top of the loot pile. Like, we get it, you’re awesome looking, but get the hell outta the way! Don’t worry gbx, we’re not going to forget that they’re with us, just have them prioritize standing at our side, not directly in front!!! Please

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Hey everyone with pet issues! I don’t know why we can’t unequip the pet or why I didn’t do this sooner but I respecced (for over $10M) and didn’t equip one; it’s fantastic. Great for grave farm and slots! Not for pet builds.

yeah, my skag pushed me sometimes and get in my way.

Hug the monster, you monster!

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Epic thread title, I laughed for real

I been rolling up an Amara character and it’s SO nice not having a huge pet standing in my way every 5 seconds. Makes me sad because when I go back to Fl4k to farm some rares I am immediately aware of and highly annoyed by my pet standing on top of every item I want to loot or inspect before picking up.

Are there any viable Fl4k builds that don’t use the pet at all? If they don’t fix this pet thing I don’t think I can keep playing this class tbh even though I like it. There is just too much looting in this game to deal with a huge pet always standing right on top of me and getting int he way.