Pete is dead, long live Sal!

The first time I went down to defeat Invincible Pete I was a bit cocky, I got my DPUH locked and loaded so what could possibly go wrong… I did not even make through half his shield before he acidburnexploded me in one second of skipping the wrong way. So after enough humiliation I gave up and moved on hoping for a silver bullet that could MDK Pete.

After watching a yoteslaya video I realized I needed a Sheriff’s Badge relic and The Rough Rider shield in my life. The Badge took me a long way but I ran out of bullets, adding the shield and the permanent Out of Bubblegum made the magic happen.

It still takes skill, I for instance need to cover some seconds of nonzerking and stay alive and go through 3 of these each fight. I toss O-Negative nades just before gunzerking running out and start popping the Grog Nozzle doing the skip jump routine.

It was also the first time I managed multiple Money Shots, sometimes it pops more than 10 times taking out a good bite out of the shield or life, friggin awesome! Sometimes the trigger gets stuck when gunzerking and I need to reload, does this happen to more people?

I’m sure I can tweak it a bit more but for the moment I am happy like a skag in slag!

Sheriff’s badge is a must if you’re toting pistols.

You could also have a look at @Sljm’s boss blaster build. Or my Deputy Sal build. Both get rid of Pete in under a minute. (Under 10 seconds in the Boss blaster’s case)

If you use my build, use Duurp!

I never got around to noting it, but it’s the most consistent option 99% of the time.

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You can still edit your own posts on the old forum. I did not long ago to add “old” in front of all the link’s addresses.

I used a chaotic evil monk, explosive relic, magic missiles, rough rider and the pimp/nukem. Slag pimpernel and Nukem w/ 5 magazine size. Mostly gunlust and rampage tree and w/ only the top two on brawn tree. Pete usually last about 45-50 secs tops if all goes well and how well I manage to aim the pimpernel at his crotch up close.

Thanks for the feedback :smile:
The pimpernel norfleet one hit wonder does not look that appealing, not much of a fight but I am gonna try it.
Duurping I have to look at, did not have much luck yet with rocket launchers in UVHM.

This build also holds up against Terra, takes some time but in the end he goes down!
Tried to fight the dragons but they spawned at level 75, need to retry them.

If you don’t like using the pimp/RL trick, I would still recommend you try my build for bosses then. It’s MUCH faster than DPUH/Grog

Thanks, I found it on the old forums
I’m gonna give it a try and will keep you updated, thanks again! :smile:

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