Pete The Invincible

Hi guys,

I can get Pete down to around half health, but after that I cannot avoid the spiderants that have flooded the arena due to opening of valves pretty much every 20 seconds.

I was just wondering how to spec/equip and kill the guy?

I’m a Lvl72 Axton.

I use a shock sandhawk, DPUH and I was fortunate enough to find an " alkaline" bee shield. With that shield the only thing you have to turn the water on for are his fire bursts.

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Thanks for the reply man, I finally managed to kill him just after posting this!

The DPUH definitely helps though.

there are spots to shield yourself from his novas.

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The way I did it was mostly with a shock sandhawk, grounded bee, shock relic, magic missiles (or the storm front or quasar to pull 'em spiderants together before killing them w/ the sandhawk) and trespasser sniper to knock off the helmet. I did spec’ed to have a slagged turret. I try to put the turret between us and used the different spots in the arena where you can shield yourself from his novas. I looked around for a video and this is all I could come up with.

And congrats for finally nailing him!

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Haha thanks man! I knew I was an inch away from killing him, the DOT was on me, there were Spiderants bloody EVERYWHERE, and I’d unloaded my DPUH clip.

I thought “this is it, it’s now or never (and other describing words), I’m not dying now!” and switched to my Conference Call. One clip into his face, dead.

F*** YEAH!

One Raid Boss finally killed in UVHM at 72!


F*** YEAH! is right… Good for you man!

Have you tried it again?

If you watch the video, notice what the guy did in the video where he lured him to the area where you first drop into the arena then threw his turret between him and Pete then he hid behind the column to the right of the mission board and kept pounding him while Pete was too busy attacking the turret. That will buy you some time to do some damage.

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Yeah, I’ve done it enough times to buy a Seraph item.

What happens to me is Pete goes idol for about half a minute, while my turret is out and slagging him/rocketing (it’s a word apparently), which gives me time to really hit him, especially with all the pellets of my DPUH.

How long do you think it takes you to dispose of him? If you want to try out a trespasser sniper to blow off the helmet I have one in 72 that I can give you if you’re on ps3. It totally ignores shields but better if you shoot it off while he’s slagged or busy w/ your turret and watch how fast his shields/health go down.

But if you’re totally content w/ your method you don’t have to. But I figure maybe you want to mix it up a bit and such.

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I’ve got it down to about a solid 8-10 minutes I reckon.

That would be awesome, but unfortunately I’m on 360. Thanks for the offer though man!

Still struggling here to do any damage to Pete at all. Also on 360. Anyone for some co-op? I am totally stuck on this guy…

Incidentally, that room that gets recommended as a “safe” spot is no longer safe - Peter jumps either beside the door or directly in front of the window. In either case, he can then nail you as soon as you move to try and get shots on him. Don’t know if this was a recent change, or just really bad luck on my part.

Do you mean the area between the 2 pillars?

If so, when he jumps there, he gets stuck and if you go far away, he won’t be able to damage you. (aside from his novas, which can be countered by inflammable/alkaline shields)

Just kite him around the metal rack with boards on the sides, everyone of his attacks can be avoided there. (On the side with the elevator, you’ll see a path to go behind it, right next to the ammo crates). I kill him w/o getting hit by novas and having to pull the water lever, and I don’t have any immunities on my Bee.

I will have to try that, then. It’s been very frustrating so far.

Question: playing as Maya, is it better to hit the water pipe at least once so you have some spiderants to phaselock for the damage & health regen boosts?

You get a brief damage boost, but after that you’ll have to deal we the ants without PL. It can definetly come back and bite you in the ass. If the ants haven’t chewed that off already :smiley: I never hit the pipes without having to wash off a dot.

The spider ants also level up each time you hit the pipe so it can get overwhelming quick.

Both good points; I was only considering doing it the once, but probably better to save it. Also, I realised too late last night that I was probably running with the wrong class mod equipped; I’d been using a leg. Binder, which is great for mobbing, but doesn’t seem like the best choice for Pete. I currenlty have Siren, Nurse, Binder, and Cat legendaries. Not sure which is best to use though. Thoughts?

If you have a shock sandhawk or b*tch, the cat mod for sure. If not, sirens a solid choice.

Leg cat class mod, w/ a shock sandhawk (pref flying prefix), a bee shield and shock damage relic (ancient comes w/ cooldown) if you have them. I also have points on converge which useful for pulling in the spiderants like a singularity grenade and ruin so your phaselock slags. And since I have converge I just throw a couple storm fronts to,weaken/kill most and helps w/ Pete as well. That’s what I’ve been running with and seems to work pretty well in my case.

This is not working at all.

Here’s what I have (all level 72 unless otherwise indicated):
Legendary Cat mod
Bone of the ancients (31% shock damage and 38% cooldown rate)
Neogenator/Alkaline turtle/Inflammable Amplify shields
Lightning bolt/sticky homing quasar/sticky homing slag transfusion
Moxxi’s crit
Grog nozzle
Sappling sandhawk (shock)
Restructuring buthcer (shock)
Prema-sharp Bay Maker (shock)
Monstrouus storm

and a bunch of other stuff I could use if I could get more than 50% of his shield off before going down.

I was just looking at my build, and it’s still set up for co-op. Still, I’ve got the usual 26 points in cataclysm. The only thing I can see that might help is switching points from Sweet Release into Mind’s Eye, but it’s really hard to land crits on Pete when he’s constantly hitting you with blasts that throw off your aim. (I also tried the Trespasser thing to knock his hat off, but the critical spot is very small and it’s hard to hit when he’s coming at you.)

Any other ideas?

Edit: current full build