Pete's Bar Brawl - favorite weapon from torgue machine while you farm for tokens?

Assuming you dont have time to farm a Sham and a Norfleet (which I never do till i am maxed level) what do you guys use from the torgue machines starting out to help you clear Bar Brawls fast? This is also assuming you dont have enough tokens to get a DPUH either.

Basically what is your weapon of choice to clear out these guys when you dont have the broken setups yet?


The Ravager and the Pocket Rocket are pretty cheap and effective


Ill try to see if i can get those quickly right out of the gate then. Thanks!


Harold is a quick farm too. DPUH isn’t really needed (unless you really want a DPUH).

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Depends on the character- I only ever farm tokens for DPUH’s so it’s usually whatever they’re armed with- pistols, shotguns, grenades and such


Flame of the firehawk and fastballs. Topneaa is good as well.


I don’t think of a reason (other than variety) to use anything from the Torgue vender but the DPUH. Nothing else is in the machines that’s particularly better than whatever I used to get through the Beatdown, so I’m already equipped.
As Maya I’m usually Hellfire’ing it with a NeoGen on, and tossing Stormfronts into the lower room constantly while I’m blasting with the Hellfire up top.

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I always try to grab a Purple Ravager. Of it ain’t there a Hulk also does the trick! My main being Krieg of course :wink:

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This is an usual question to be honest. It almost sounds like a challenge : clear Pete’s using only vendor fodder. But since Legs cost 612(?), obviously one has to go for blues and purples.

As above, Pocket Rocket is a great mini-Harold but why not get a Harold from Lee instead? It’s pretty quick.

Ravager and Hulk are awesome. A purple Spitter is too. I’d probably go for a Spitter in Pete’s if I had to choose only one.

Most of my time spent vendor diving has been for Duurps.

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Man Torgue launchers names have always sent me into the utmost disarray

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