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Borderlands 2 had a test dummy in Marcus’ shop.
This dummy proved invaluable to many playing the game in figuring out what guns they wanted, how the game behaved and the underlying mechanics that drive it.

This is a petition asking Gearbox and 2K Australia to provide us with a dummy in one of the following ways:

  • Add the BL2 dummy somewhere in Concordia.
  • If that proves impossible due to the need for the model to have a back wall, BL2’s DLC1’s Shiv-spike’s model can be used instead, since he is tied to a pole.
  • Have Nina’s boyfriend from the rough love quest display damage when he is shot, since he is stationary.
  • Integrate a shooting range within the first DLC to be released.
  • release it as a stand-alone DLC that can be accessed through fast travel (something like “Marcus’ shooting range”, or “Dahl’s training facility”) for a price (I would personally be willing to pay something like 1.99$ for it, and i’m sure other people would too. And it could probably be made very quickly and easily)

It may not look like much, but this test dummy is important to many players who like to crack the game open and really dig through it. it’s also valuable to new players who are just discovering the game’s mechanics, skills and guns.

Also, since the game advertises in the loading screen tooltips to look for help here on the forum, it would make sense for you to provide the community with the kind of features we need to provide the best possible help we can. we want to help: help us do so :slight_smile:

Lastly, since we’re discussing dummies, as a community we feel that the same dummy we had in BL2 would be great already, but if you feel like improving on the formula a bit, consider having a flesh dummy, an armored one and a shielded one, something that can activates kill skills, and consider placing them so that they can be reached by melee attacks. Of course in all cases, the proximity to an ammo machine would be very practical, just like in BL2

I know online petitions aren’t especially efficient, but I hope the people who signed this will represent a sizeable enough sample for you to consider that the fanbase as a whole would be delighted by such an addition.

Please Gearbox
Please 2K Australia
Give us back our dummy! :slight_smile:

Edit: People have also mentioned the abuses possible with a dummy. What they fail to realize is that the only version of the dummy that can be abused is the earlier one that spawns in marcus’ quest. The main dummy cannot be exploited.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Passing this along to the devs for consideration. No promises, but happy to ping this thread if there are any updates.


If I could sign again I would, please make this happen soon Gearbox/2KAus

I missed this? Well then, Signed!! :smile:

^ This

I sign Cos, yeah

At least now we can mention @ devs and gbx staff. Lets nuke 'em until they give us our dummy :stuck_out_tongue:.
But really, we need a proper dummy.

Ive got this idea today while reading about the new mission that will be added together with UVHM.
Also in Jacks Office map, there is this chamber where jack put these scientist guys before releasing the airlocks.
Maybe in the same manner we could get a mission where we acquire some other “poor” guy as a target dummy inside the very same chamber. What you think??

It might be wishful thinking to have it before the DLC but I would love it if they did add it. My best hopes were to have this part of the main town or hub in the campaign DLC.

Or they could have the test dummy right in Concordia, not part of any DLC and instead something that is part of the original game, because ‘maybe’ it should’ve been there in the first place. Ya know, they could do that too.

Why take a step back after BL2 ?

I don’t like to call it a step back, I just don’t think 2KAus realized how important it was to a small group of us. I’m guessing the majority of players didn’t really touch the thing.

The issue with adding it to concordia means they have to re work concordia and that could be more difficult and expensive. Yeah I agree it should be there but I’m guessing if we get it, it will be part of a dlc.

The target practice dummy is dearly missed. (As is the debugging output that Borderlands would spew onto the screen on request, which I still mourn.) I am signing this petition in a large and obnoxious font so that good old King Greg can read it without his spectacles.

What is contemporary best practice for weapon testing? The Lost-Legionaries at the first camp in Vorago Solitude?

Sign me up as well. Weapon testing isn’t the same without our beloved dummy.

I test everything on Son of Flamey, easier to kite Kraggons than bullets :smile:.

signed a million times

Signed. Ignore this part I need this post to be more than 10 characters to reply.



sign me up

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And it’s easier for me (as I don’t have to constantly edit the OP to add names)
And the result is the same.

This “Like” feature is pretty multi-purpose :smile:

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Also cheesy, but thats just me.

I just find it nice and a time saver. If I just want to let someone know I like what they wrote but have no comment on it, like it. It’s also nice to encourage people when they do something awesome, a helpful post for someone struggling, great info, etc… Just give a little thanks and giving thanks is always good in my mind.


Sign me up for a dummy! [: