Petition for a test dummy

Yes please.
A target dummy would have made the tests i did for Jack a while ago so much easier and faster.


It also would be nice for have something to activate kill skills nearby and toggle the dummy’s health bar between flesh, armor, and shields.

I’m all for it too :smile:
Springs should expand her shop.

If only I could sign again! On the other petition thread I said I barely use it but I went back and played Borderlands 2 and let me tell you, it’s a bloody godsend!

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I’m a dummy and I need a friend. Sign me up.

I’m especially partial to a paid dlc version if it also records and displays things like damage over the past 10sec, 30 secs, 1 minute so we can also include tests that include the use of the action ability/reload time/etc. to get a good sense of damage output over a longer duration that just a single shot.

Bonus points if all the dummies are holding megaphones and are voiced by shade.

Thinking about it, dummies would be excellent for all classes:
Jack - Money Is Power
Wilhelm - Wolf
Nisha - Well… everything.
Athena - Maelstrom and melee
Claptrap - EXPLOSIONS?!!?

Still hoping for this, Would love to have a reliable Area to test weapons etc…

What would a dummy do with money is power?

You could test the amount of damage Jack deals without 999 stacks, and with.

If you meant this as a joke, I am so sorry. :flushed:

I mean its a simple additive skill that is very easy to test, sponsored by and splash damage are the hard things to test as well as multiplicative skills

Testing can be easy or hard.

Moral of the story:
It would be really nice if we had a dummy.

We REALLY need a test dummy. Helps the game!

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Agreed! :slight_smile: Sign me in!

I’m not editing the OP anymore, you have to “like” the OP to sign :smile:
it’s MUCH less work this way, and you will still be able to sign if I die!

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Can I un-sign just so I can sign again? :3


I would really like a dummy - and what would make it super amazing would be to have a range with a fleshy, shielded & armored dummy at your current level, as well as a way to trigger kills skills.

^ This. Also, make it be in Jack’s Office and all of the targets Claptrap units. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Or, y’know, Concordia. 'cause it totally makes sense.

@Chuck80 I’m already on the list but wanted to like your post for the effort you put in to creating this topic on the new forums. :smile:

As for the topic at hand, I feel there is still hope that they could add this in a future patch or as part of the campaign DLC.

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Add my signature to the petition as well. Test dummies proved invaluable to me in BL2 due to seeing which combination of hardware gave me the most bang for the buck, per se. The dummies also helped me understand what each part of any given weapon functioned which proved to be invaluable.

Definitely signing this, also completely on-board for flesh/shield/armor dummies to test different things. Perhaps even a permanently frozen dummy to play around with.