Petition for more Backpack & Vault SDUs

So I didn’t buy DLC 6. Got every other one though. First because I wanted to see if I like it, also maybe wait till 2nd n 3d vault card is out. So far the gear doesn’t convince me. (Also that Sniper looked very different on the fallen heros vault card image) But secondly because I just have NO MORE SPACE! I grinded out a top geared Zane with all my favorite guns, shields, mods and artifacts with God rolls. I limit my backpack to 48 so I can pick up the occasional very rare, special thing I come across and still can’t carry all the guns I’d like to. I love switching them up constantly so I hate having to beam back to sanctuary to drop and pick anew. And I cleared out my Vault plenty of times now! Which would also be way less annoying if we could sell from within. I’m down to about 385 now. All gear I don’t want to throw out. So PLEASE Gearbox give us another 100 slots in the Vault and a limit of 60 maybe even 70 on the backpack and I’ll buy DLC6 or even season pass 2, although I already have DLC5! And the golden skins I’m eyeing at for a while now…
And PLEASE COMMUNITY vote this up or comment or Whatever if you feel the same way! MAKE this heard!They do react to our wishes if we put enough weight behind them!
BIG Thx GB btw for these 4 lovely new pieces of gear you added to arms race!
Cheers lads n lasses!


Sign me up fam

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Although, I have a lot of mules and got my things sorted, a bigger bank and backpack wouldn’t hurt. So count me in as well.

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Yes, this. Also, there still needs to be a sell from Vault option. I still have a bunch of underleveled gear in there that I should be selling but I really can’t be arsed to do loops between Markus and my room for like 90 minutes.

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I’m surprised (but not really) that they didn’t increase the vault space (via free upgrade or SDUs).

They also need to offer better sorting options and filters. The whole system is a mess and it’s too easy to lose items in the vault because nothing is grouped outside of type.

Give us more Vault space, and good googly moogly, give us Filters or something to organize it better – it’s an absolute disaster.

400 items we’re allowed to store… yet theres no ‘search’ option to make it x400 times easier to find what we want? Or how about allowing us to separate gear based on their Manufactuer or gun type (AR, SMG, etc)? So instead of scrolling 20 seconds to hit the relics, I can just pick relics and be brought right there.

I know that’s slightly off topic, but it actually bugs me how horrible and inconvenient the entire vault system is.