Petition for Pipe Bomb to go back to old

I don’t understand why they would nerf the porcelain pipe bomb when they the devs were the ones saying to mod the game and have as much fun as possible like seriously they vault monster suck and getting to level 50 sucks and the pipe bomb made killing the bosses easier, it’s not like they removed money shot sal or bore zero or the unkempt horold, they didn’t even nerf the dpuh and it pisses me off that the one overpowered thing in the game has to be nerfed like that’s some garbage, if anybody has any of guns or anything that’s broken via flakker let me know cause now after beating the game on two character using the pipe bomb now it’s gonna take weeks instead of days.


Because… It was broken? And not behaving as intended.

Currently nothing in the game requires the PPB. It was overpowered due to being broken. If it stayed then everyone would use it, and that would result in Gearbox having to balance around its broken status.

Raid bosses would need to be strong enough to survive it, and unless everything else was buffed to match it all raid boss loadouts would be PPB dependant with explosive/radiation/grenade buffing Relics, COMs and so on.

Borderlands 2 suffered from this in the form of bullet sponge health pools. And people adapted. Gearbox seem to be taking a new approach this time, and I’d rather see this than another multi-billion health raid that is more a chore outside of specific builds and loadouts (Pimperhab, Beehawk, DPUH-Grog etc)


I for one hope that we arent forced to play certain builds/use certain items to kill bosses like in BL2, having any item as OP as PPB completely defeats the purpose of having billions of guns.


Hard pass. I’m no expert, but the above reasoning sounds about right to me. I’d rather not see them balance upcoming DLC around one piece of overpowered gear. And rushing seems wasteful to me. I’d prefer to savor every moment of this game (as evidenced by the fact that I’m 43 hours into my first playthrough and still not finished the story) than be able to steamroll it and not appreciate the work that went into designing it and putting it together. It’s not about hitting level cap, it’s about the journey to level cap. What’s the rush? See the sights, stop and smell the viscera. Appreciate it. Listen to your Psycho Sommelier and taste the notes of iron and cherry as the paste you turned your enemies into drips down your screen. But certainly don’t waste any of your time in the Borderlands trying to get signatures. You’re just as likely to get a buzz axe to the face as you are to meet your quota, and far less likely to have any measure of success.

*the preceding opinion does not reflect that of the forum or its owners, only the guy who typed it. Have fun, and if you’re not find a way to.

Also, shouldn’t this be in the BL3 section rather than the OG Borderlands section? It’s like filing an encyclopedia under fiction, or a novel under biography.


My problem with this is yeah if I were to use any other gun currently other than the flakker it would take ages and it’s annoying for someone like me who has already completed just about everything in the game to spend a whole 30 minutes just trying to kill one boss. At this point in the game im trying to get every legendary possible and being on mayhem three now takes ages to kill something to get the look and being on mayhem one still takes a bit of time but for the chance of not even getting a legendary yes the pipe bomb was broken but in all reality it was the only thing that could really get the job done, the closest thing to it being the flakker


Pipe Bomb will forever be miss. It is already in heaven together with the Bee (pre-nerf).


Signed…you got my vote :blush:
I’m not affected by it yet though as I as a general rule refuse to download patches and hot fixes because most of them are all nerfs anyway so I’m very careful to stay off line


If you need the pipe bomb to be broken enough to one shot bosses in order to enjoy the game then maybe you just need a different hobby.

Get a grip mate.


Honestly felt guilty for using it for a bit. Made me feel wrong in so many ways…these poor boss’ dont deserve the hatred the PPB rained down upon them. They worked so hard for that title and one of them even got replaced by a clone of itself just to get melted again.

In all seriousness learn the builds make them your own version of OP instead of relying on broken gear. It’s not skill and no-one will respect your one simple grenade. Grind it out or find another game where the devs don’t care about the game and just want your hard earned $$$

No, it needed a nerf. /thread


I’ve been playing offline to avoid the loot drop rate nerf and have turned off auto-updates to avoid this new patch, and will continue to do so for quite awhile. No way I’m missing out on the good farming everybody else got to do just because I took my time instead of rushing like they did. Porcelain Pipebomb is the only thing I have found that can kill bosses in a reasonable amount of time on Mayhem 3. Without it farming is a slow, tedious process.


you can farm without pipe bomb eh? it is not even the fastest way to kill bosses on any character.

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Get to 50, farm dinklebot for a butcher and lucians call. Then kill Zeros targets and get a free Lyuda. Then kill any boss you want until you get more stuff. Ya dont need an unreasonably broken grenade to tear stuff up in this game. And you dont need to play offline either…


I’ve just moved houses and internet is yet to be installed at my new place so I couldn’t download the patch. Might just hold off on that update until I get to level 50 and do some decent farming.


Pipe bomb is just the beginning.

i want to see Fl4k getting nerfed next.


Honestly man that is the best thing to do at the moment…avoid downloading the patch like the plague, farm as much xp and money as you can, stock up on all the Legendaries and level up ALL your characters first before you dare go online
Trust me these nerfs are just the start, they won’t stop until we’re back to the garbage drop rates of Borderlands 2



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I refuse to believe that this is serious. Yes, GBX should revert an update that fixed a broken piece of gear that was not working as intended, so everyone who plays online can have randos crash their game or just instakill everything! So much excitement we’re missing out on now because of this patch… :confused:


I didn’t even find out it was allegedly broken pretty much until they patched it. I never noticed it being super effective, and haven’t noticed a change since the patch. That said, I’m against player nerfs in general.


Well you see, they actually tried to by nerfing how pellets work with the bee so… some of those things seemed problematic, and some pretty much weren’t to the dev team.

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