Petition For Skin Skins!

I could be wrong but as far as I’m aware, we are unable to save certain changes that we make to our skins as far as the color we make them. Essentially I wanted to start a petition in hopes Gearbox would see this. Reason being I have multiple favorite skins that I switch between, although I prefer some of them to be a different color than others. It’s a very minuscule thing I’m aware lol, I would just like a way to save certain skin changes that I make.

Sincerely, Big daddy Brick

This is a minor thing I’ve wanted too. Sometimes you get a color combination you really like, but don’t want to stick with all the time (I sometimes screenshot the colors to remember).

The way I envision it is a few favorite slots, that simply remember your customization options (head, skin, and skin colors, and maybe echo skin if anyone cares).

e:skill build favorites would be cool too.

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Exactly, glad I wasn’t alone on this