Petition kaoson element

Petition to increase the chances of the kaoson droping with an element lol swear I see elemental ones at a crazy low rate.


Oh man i just tried to farm for an updated light show and flipper with certain elements and the drop rates for them period has been reduced to much! Id like a shock and corrosive light show but you can forget it. Just getting one takes an hour! WTH!!

Also petition to restore its accuracy to its former glory.


I see no reason why it shouldn’t be put back considering the meta guns we have from DLCs.

They nerfed the silky smooth Dahl recoil out of it.

That is strange. I’ve found the light show drop to specifically be very good for me. The last few days I farmed for about 2 hours and he was dropping them every other kill. I got probably 20 good ones.

If you’re on pc let me know, I can see if I have what you’re looking for.

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Im on xbox but appreciate that. And that might be my issue.

For sure. There does seem to be some disparity between console and pc. Either that or the drop rate code is busted on my end, but if so I’m not complaining haha.

It’s specifically the light show though for me, that has good drops. I was trying for a new Plaguebearer last night, took like 20 kills for him to drop one

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The plaguebearer seems to be fine for me so you might be right.

Lightshow drop every 5/6 kills for me. On console it’s still a long time between drops but it’s the best in the game.

Everything else is hard work. Hours on end to get a single item to drop.

Even world drops when people say run scrap trap/slaughter… I just get the same items over and over by that I don’t mean all world drops I mean about the same 10-15 legendaries over and over

Farming got so bad for me the other day I put my tin foil hat on and thought gearbox had altered the drop rates so I get fed up with load screens and upgrade my console

I’ve got a bunch of flippers and light shows. Which anoints are you after?

Specifically with “while ASA weapon dmg is increased” since im using zane. But i wont be picky.

@YIPIKIYA I am surprised to hear you saying you are having issues getting a decent Light Show. The drop rates for DLC3 weapons seems to be something close to 20-30% as far as I can tell, and I personally have found that farming for a good Light Show is one of the easier farms - at least in comparison to the M6 exclusive drops for sure.

May just be RNG issues or you may need to broaden your list of acceptable parts and anoints.

I have quite a few good Light Shows and would be glad to send you one if you still need it. I might even have a Zane one, not sure.

Yeah im suprised to. I mean they arent dropping, and that im not getting a certain anoint but just not dropping like they did when the dlc came out. Could use a good anoint shock.

@YIPIKIYA Hmmm, that does seem weird. But who knows - when level 65 came out, it took me more than 10 days to farm only 4 specific URad weapons (Plaguebearer, Reflux, Light Show, Monarch). And I was not just playing a little, 3-4 hours per day during that period. So it can be a bitch sometimes. I was not even looking for specific elements either, just a URad anoint (tho I eventually was able to farm the elements I wanted after even more time farming). I literally thought I would never get the weapons I needed for my build.

Some of it may really just be down to terrible
RNG. I will look and see if I have anything decent to send ya.

What light shows are you looking for on Xbox? I have a few I can send

Mainly shock and corrosive, trying to farm for a redistributor.

No problem, you’ve been awfully generous so if you don’t no sweat. But yeah it seems some farms are better than others. Dlc 3 tho is weird.

@YIPIKIYA I will look this evening and see if I have anything worth sending you. Will zend a Zane Light Show your way if I do!

Much appreciated!