Petition/Poll for Re-rolling Items

Petitions and polls seem to be all the rage lately (and seemed to have worked in regards to the Takedown slider), so I am going to make one about something I see suggested all over the forums.

I think some method of re-rolling items is something that would dramatically improve the loot grind in this game, and it seems to be an idea that a lot of the community is behind right now. I think it would completely solve the current issues with excessive farming and dedicated drops being too low. Please look below the poll for more details.

EDIT: In lieu of the news that the level cap is increasing by 3, I think the argument for re-rolling is even stronger. If we are going to have to routinely re-farm our gear, there needs to be ways to cut down on the RNG.

  • Some type of ability to re-roll loot would be a great end-game feature
  • Re-rolling loot would hurt the end game

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How would it work?
There are a lot of different ways this could be done, but obviously it would need some limitations to avoid being OP. I think the way Diablo 3 does re-rolls would be perfect for Borderlands. For those that don’t know, in D3 you can select up to two stats to re-roll, and then all other stats on that item are locked permanently. You can pay to re-roll the stats you selected as much as you like, but you can never re-roll the other stats that are locked (until you find another version of that item, obviously). I would implement something similar to this idea, but I would also make two additional changes for BL3: a weapon’s anointment may only be re-rolled if it is anointed originally (meaning you can’t make a non-anointed weapon anointed), and a non-elemental version of a gun cannot be re-rolled to become elemental (but you could re-roll an elemental weapon’s element).

What issues would this solve?
A lot, in my opinion, but especially three:

  1. It would allow more casual, time-limited players the ability to at least find the gun they are looking for with the proper anointment (and possibly element) for their build in a realistic time frame, while still requiring some degree of farming. Additionally, it would still give the more hardcore players the ability to grind for god-roll versions of that weapon-anointment combo - which is something that could still take a lot of farming for those that like it.

  2. Assuming Eridium is the currency used for re-rolling items - which it obviously should be - you could make PG and CoS reward you with boat loads of Eridium, thereby making those two game modes the primary way to farm Eridium quickly. This would be a great way to finally make these two game modes as important as boss farming and it would push players to want to play them.

  3. It would help reduce the over-reliance on save/quit boss farming to acquire gear and allow people to spend more time actually playing the game correctly.

Wouldn’t this make acquiring gear too easy for really hardcore players?
Like I said above, as long as it is implemented with some restrictions, it would not eliminate god-roll farming for the hardcore crowd; it would just make it realistically possible. As for the more casual crowd that hates farming, it would at least allow them to find the gun they are looking for with the proper anointment, and even that would still at least require a little bit of farming. Plus, most other looters allow re-rolling, and it does not diminish the end game in any way in my experience; usually quite the opposite actually.

As far as I can tell, this would provide a nice level of farming for each type of player, and also make drop rates no longer be a major issue - since I am not sure that even tripling the dedicated drop rates would be enough to solve the issues people have with the high RNG.

So, thoughts?


I’m a hard yes on this. I’m not much of a farmer, I’d much rather just wreck ■■■■.

It’ll have to come with a major bump up in difficulty though, hopefully mayhem 2.0 really brings it

This is the big thing here for me and I’m glad you mentioned it.

I’ve heard a lot of people throw out numbers like re-roll a single item for 2,000 eridium and stuff like that, and that sounds reasonable for people who have 50,000+ eridium … some of us do not.

I play all the time, and on TVHM M4 and I never have more than around 3,000 eridium on my characters. Why? Because I rarely farm bosses. I enjoy going through full areas of the game and killing mobs and looting chests and occasionally at the end of the area killing the boss. I never went in on the whole graveward thing, I found it to be too boring.

My point is if they were to implement this or some kind of eridium sink then they’d need to keep in mind the amount of eridium you get, and how much it costs. Because when I play, it isn’t much compared to the numbers I’m seeing on these forums and elsewhere.

And yes I know I’m speaking for myself and there’s an unknown number of players with more or less amounts of eridium. Just wanted to point out it would be a good idea if gearbox kept that in mind.


Instead of a petition for a re rolling feature we could discuss what can be done to help farming RNG.


Well it’s been discussed all over the forum, and this seems to be the most suggested idea. Hence, the focused topic.


Re-roll is needed. That’s all I know. Without it I can’t say anyone would able to enjoy this game if they can’t chase their perfect dream gear and hit the labs with said gear to experiment what works and what doesn’t.

It’s unfun when I have to watch youtubers go in-depth on what combination works with prefixes and annointeds along with Coms and Artifacts. I won’t buy another Borderlands honestly if Grinder or anything that re-roll gear but using recipe or annointeds. At least those would help me enjoy the game.

Keep in mind that re-rolling is a choice. Those that don’t like it should not use it. Let us who like to use grinder or something to get a rather awesome gear. I don’t think I ever experiment my gear too.

Also they should add dummies of Flesh, Armor, and Shield enemies in Sanctuary 3

I’m all up for an anointment version of the grinder. I suggested the idea in a different thread.

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Crazy Earl: Reroll/Add Annointment for Eridium(and possible associated side wuest.).

Tannis/Ava: alter text on class mods. Requires Eridium.

Marcus: Can change out a gun part. Requires x cash and a copy of the weapon.


Nothing can help farming RNG, it is so diluted.

Want weapon with specific anointment?

On top of your gun roll, part roll(which no one cares anymore because anoints are more important), now you have an anointed roll. The possibilities of you getting what you want especially if new anoints are added, become more slim every time.


This is the only thing I am pretty against. You should at least have to find an anointed version of the item originally.

Otherwise, I like it!


Great ideas but I really don’t want Borderlands to turn into Division were you can keep adjusting and change too much of your gear apart from anointments.

You could chalk this up as another thing re-rolls would potentially fix.

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i’m for it… but don’t make it to easy to obtain godrolls…

i’m burned out ATM… on my zane i need a roll on my CM and relic with gun DPS/pistol DPS and vladof fire rate (if by that time i find an even better infinity with 100% cryo i can melt EVERYTHING without even changing weapons)

i tried playing fl4k but it was to boring for me (it was nice setting up kills but it was just… slow and boring) amara… i kept dying because i want to facerush everything now hahaha and moze… nah… not going to bother with moze… untill she gets an autobear classmod (where you just spawn in the mech) i’m not playing her

I can imagine Gearbox would need to find a way so all players aren’t rocking about with all their gear having anointments.

I support it just so that we can have a level cap increase in the most agreeable fashion to the community.

I agree. I understand adding a cost and not wanting to make things too easy, but as someone who has been playing off and on since launch, the most eridium I have is on my main @ about 3,000, and there was a period where I spent at least an hour everyday killing Graveward for a week straight( 30-40 kills per day). It’s not the thousands of kills some people have done, but it’s not super casual either. I wouldn’t want or need to reroll all of my gear, but the thought of spending almost all of the eridium I’ve been collecting over 4 months on 1 reroll, especially when we can’t transfer eridium between characters, seems a bit much to me.


Ah! I meant to say this in my original post and totally forgot. Good call.

I’ve got about 10,500 eridium on my main (Amara). I’ve never really farmed Graveward but I’ve played through the story about 6 times helping friends and I’ve been smashing all the eridium crystals I see about. Players can either find it quick or not, it really depends how players want to play the game.

To re-roll anointments perhaps you should require 2 weapons, the one you want to swap the anointment on and one with the anointment you want on. Costs a fee and you trash the second weapon


That’s like my Anointer idea I mentioned in another thread where you deposit 3-5 guns with the same rarity and anointment in a machine much like the TPS Grinder to add the anointment to a gun with the same rarity at the cost of either cash or Eridium.

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Honestly I’m not keen on the idea either.

However, Randy Pitchford has a hard-on for Diablo3 loot progression and BL3 had already headed that direction(w variable class mods/relics/annoints).

Loot in BL2 was more set in stone. Class mods and relics have the same stats and percentages everytime.

Since BL3 has already strayed so far into Diablo style end game loot progression they might as well go all the way and add the stuff that actually makes it enjoyable and functions as well.

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