Petition/Poll for Re-rolling Items

A reroll option would be “better” but I feel the best way to handle it would be to have a character you could go to and pay Eridium to and they Annoint your gear with whatever Annointment you want. The better the buff the more Eridium. That would be alot more rewarding then hopeless farming and BS RNG.

To be honest mattm33 it’s my bad, I replied to the wrong comment, oops. I read kenziesilk’s post and thought straight away blueprints is not the answer. You farm for a legendary to turn it into a blueprint so you can farm for materials to make mentioned gear. It’s not the sort of farming that’s needed on Borderlands when it’s probably quicker to find the gear from a boss.

Going back to your comment, Re roll tokens can be good. A way to collect them is only playing TVHM so that’ll give players an incentive to play that mode. I’m taking inspiration from BL2’s seraph crystal system.

No worries. I agree I don’t think crafting thing should be a thing, but I think re-rolling items in a looter is a QoL improvement that is practically on par with a mini-map in open world games. I also think it would offer GBX a huge work : reward ratio. This one small thing would solve so many of this game’s loot problems.

I voted to reroll because I find myself farming more than just playing and enjoying the game. I haven’t even started another vh yet because I don’t have all the gear I want for my flak.

So, now that it seems like they will be incrementally increasing the level cap over time, I think this re-roll feature is now even MORE important. If GBX is going to make people continuously re-farm gear every few months, there HAS to be some ways to cut down on the RNG.


I think there should definitely be some form of limitations or pre requisites, like for example needing an existing item with the mods or anoints you want to transfer, maybe even multiple. Like for example, ASE 100% damage you need 5 weapons with that anoint all on legendary pistols in order to transfer to another legendary pistol. Ideally, it should also cost some eridium and cash as well. It’s well known that cash and eridium have limited value in the game as well as dupes or drops with good anoints but are the “wrong drop”. Such a system I think would help solve the issue by making cash, eridium, and “bad drops” have some form of value besides just being trashed or sold for more useless cash.

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@Noelle_GBX this is what long term players are looking for. I promise we do.

I’m a die hard fan, have played exclusively Gearbox games for over 5 years now(Borderlands/Battleborn) and I have my finger pretty close on the pulse of the game and community without being popular YouTube persona, just a regular community member that really keeps up with everything Borderlands.

We do need some way to mitigate the much increased variety of items that Borderlands 3 brings.

Using Eridium as a endgame currency and implementing some ways to add/change annointments, alter text on class mods and even change gun parts would all be very much welcome and would increase BL3’s longevity and playability for many people for a long time to come.

Please consider.


I’d caution folks to be careful what you wish for. For those who played BL2, most would agree that the Grinder was awful. It was a blackhole of RNG. I don’t think a lot of you would be happy if they brought that abomination back into BL3.

What you need is something that allows you to level up gear you’ve already farmed. Re-rolling stats (i.e. modifiers, elements, anointments) on gear means that you still have to re-farm it. How many of you have farmed for a Redistributor? I have. It sucks. Farming for it again, even if I could re-roll it, wouldn’t be my first choice. Ideally, they could allow both features (levelling up gear and re-rolling gear). But I suspect one or the other will be hard enough to sell to Gearbox, let alone both.

I’d also recommend that if they ever did implement a feature like this, Gearbox would need to lock the item once it was modified or levelled up so that it can’t be traded (duped). Similar to what happens with loot when you first open a golden chest in a group. The items can’t be looted by other players until the timer runs out. In this case, there would simply be no timer. Modified items would stay locked to the player’s account who modified them. Without that restriction, you could quickly see perfect guns/shields/COMs flooding the game and completely undermining the gear grind. The purpose here is to have an alternative to re-farming gear, but I don’t think anyone wants to see it become so easy to get gear that it trivializes the game.


A hard YES on this for all the reasons you mentioned and, as has already been pointed out, some gear is just not realistically farmable since it’s at the end of a CoS, Proving Ground or Raid.

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How I fondly remember the old Willowtree software, used for Borderlands, for not just rerolling weapons (pretty simply), but also an easy way to customize and custom design new weapons! I get locking down some of this for group play, but for solo play it was super fun to try new weapons not available within the game.

May I ask why? So many great games out there.

Well to be fair, I think the Grinder issues were due to how it was implemented more than anything else.

Personally, I think the re-roll option is better than the level up option, because I don’t think re-farming would be as big of a deal if it wasn’t too painful to do it the first time. I also think that with the re-roll currency idea being tied to end game modes, it would be a fantastic way to shift the farming from Save/Quit boss farming to actually just playing the game correctly; so it is kind of a two birds with one stone deal here.

I do like your idea though about not being able to trade re-rolled items. That would be smart.

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Originally because my daughter and myself could enjoy the amazing co-op of BL2, TPS and BB together. I got another console rig for her bday last year but we still play only together. We just love the Borderlands.

I’ll note that I personally broke to play Fallout 4, Witcher lll, and a few others but, yeah, I guess you play what you like and prior to Borderlands 3, I was able to play BL’s exclusively and have my gaming thirst fulfilled.

BL3 is not itching that scratch though…

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Personally I am in favor of outright buying anointments with eridium for any item. For example, you can give your gun to Crazy Earl and pay like 1000 eridium for any anointment either universal or class specific. Regulate it to TVHM and only after completing the main story similar to how MT is unlocked after completing the main story.

Another option: They can possibly create a recurring mission from Crazy Earl only available in TVHM. The mission can be for the VH to hunt down various scrap or ingredients for booze from different planets and in return Earl anoints one of your items. At the end he still makes us pay 1000 eridium for the anointment because he hates us.

Tying it to a mission makes it a one at a time process of anointing your gear serving as a throttle to those that are already rich in eridium.

I think they should setup a ground base somewhere so we don’t have to go to Sanctuary every time we need to do the things that are just limited to that area. In a ground base (or possibly a place like the Casino that’s our new Space Station) we could have more space for better target dummies to test our gear. The space on Sanctuary is too confined for proper testing anyway. I’ve killed myself a couple of times testing the, “On grenade thrown” anointment to see what would happen. Lol

Sorry, I don’t like this idea… The re-roll feature doesn’t need to be another grind. It needs to accommodate the stuff we’re already accumulating in game. I prefer the ideas of the OP.

Don’t like this idea either. Why throttle (punish) those that have already farmed a lot of Eridium?

Also, we’ve already farmed enough… Why have to farm more crap to take advantage of being able to re-roll something. I vote for just adding the mechanics to make it possible and allow us to pay for it with resources we’re already accumulating.

Lots of people are throwing out ideas and I like that. However, everyone needs to think about more than just how they play the game or what they’ve accumulated. For instance, some platforms are capable of duplicating items and others are not. Those that can dupe things won’t have any issues with 5 items having the same anointment, but those that can’t will certainly have issues because we’ve got to store that stuff somewhere and the current bank is pretty lacking. Cheaters will be cheaters and there’s nothing that can be done about that. Implementing all sorts of difficult requirements, additional farming, or ridiculous costs and materials will ruin it for those of us who don’t cheat. Let’s just keep it simple and make the game fun for everyone!

P.S. I’m not accusing anyone of cheating!

This really needs to be implemented if we are going to get small incremental level cap increases.

I’m also in agreement with this.

It solves the issue of save/quit farming being the best way to get the gear you want, and it’s not very enjoyable having to exit to the menu after killing a boss and reloading just to get it to respawn.

It could also make the Slaughter Shafts and Trials actually have a purpose if they have these become a good source of eridium. I never do these because they are time consuming, and even if though Shafts give out tons of legendaries over the course of the 5 rounds, I don’t wanna sift through a crap ton of visual noise on the screen trying to see if anything useful dropped, nor do I wanna pick everything up to sell as menuing is still quite slow on my Xbox.
But I’d be more willing to do them if they more purpose.

I just want to be able to get better rolls without having to spend every waking moment grinding, and having half the time being spent exiting to the game’s menu and waiting through loading screens just to farm a boss or named enemy again.

Could be locked to some resource that only drops in M3-M4, anointments are a big deal there, and getting the right one is a hassle for sure.

Torchlight 2 enchanters were cool too.

And having to save-quit every time to farm a boss is such an oversight, in my opinion (and kills co-op).

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