Petition to Bring BL3 Reviews to the Epic Games Store

If you are like me, you like to write reviews for other gamers and are discouraged that the Epic Games store, where you bought Borderlands 3 for PC, doesn’t offer the option for reviews of the game, or other games.

Regardless of whether you would give a good or bad review, here’s your chance to say that you would like to be able to write or read reviews on BL3 in the Epic Store. Just comment a +1, or other related comments that you might have.

Please avoid discussion about whether you think BL3 deserves a good or bad review. That’s off topic to this discussion (I really want people to be able to discuss their views on the game, but if we don’t stay on track here, we won’t get anywhere).

Considering this is a particular quirk of the Epic Store* (no reviews, no local forums etc) you might be better off looking for a way to badger them directly.

Epic games twitter, epic games Facebook, do they have their own reddit? They do, Here and And here Or their own discord?

*I may be wrong and they’ve added the feature since I stopped paying attention to the Epic Store. But as far as I know there’s no support for reviews on Epic.

I’m only dealing with Epic insofar as they’re the container for BL3: once it comes out on Steam, I’ll be moving right over… like I have no interest in Epic as the container (where I have at least a little for Steam).

I also do not write nor read reviews that aren’t basically coming directly from my peers in the form of the sort of live dialog found on (this and a few other) forums, since I look at games through a lens rarely covered through reviews, but can glean what I want out of those sorts of conversations.

That said, if you want to write reviews on Epic and they don’t let you, even if I don’t indulge myself, I’ll sign. I’ll trade my vote for a Legendary. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not looking to badger anyone. This is to open an honest discussion to see what kind of interest Borderlands 3 players, here at the Gearbox forum, would have in writing these reviews.

There’d probably be a lot if the feature existed. Both as favourable and critical of the state of the game.

I’ll admit, I mistook the thread as you asking Gearbox to try and turn reviews on for the game themselves.
That’s why I tried to direct the potential noise at places that Epic may be more likely to see.

Yes, this is a discussion about a show of interest, not about anything else.

I’m sure Gearbox would consider this valuable feedback about the interests’ of their player base, and not potential noise.

Regardless, this is not about Epic or Gearbox, but is simply a place for gamers to discuss. If you aren’t interested in being able to potentially write those reviews you don’t have to participate.

It could be both.

I play on PS4, but I fully believe the PC gamers do deserve the chance to voice their opinions on the store page as either an endorsement to future buyers, or as a cautionary tale to them. Which is why I, mistakenly, tried to point the participants to where I thought the thread was headed.

Potential customers should always be able to make an informed decision based on the thoughts of those that have taken the plunge before them.

So a definite agreement to what you’re suggesting in the way of a review system.

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Great… thank you for the input.

Anyone else? Given the opportunity, would you like to be able to leave (or read) reviews for the game in the Epic Store?

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I would. I bought the game on my Xbox, but also use steam. I refused to use epic because of this reason and a few others. Epic has no forums, reviews, achievements, basically because it lacks any community at all. Also I like my PC library all in one place. I have written over 50 reviews on various games on steam and xbox.

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