Petition to Have Battleborn offline or p2p before servers offline

I’d really like to see this game stay… my family has LOVED it, and it would be a tragedy to see the only couch co-op FPS MOBA that was actually well designed disappear from the gaming landscape. It may not have been a financial success but it’s an important featurette of the gaming world…

I want to see either an offline mode with split screen against bots, or p2p capabilities to allow us to continue to enjoy it past the date of the server shutdown… anyone with me?

  • I’d like p2p connection
  • I’d like offline mod
  • I want both or either as long as I can keep playing

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I had no problem with sinking hundreds of € into the game to unlock all the Premium Skins/Taunts… so if a Kick Starter, Fund Raiser or anything like that would be needed to preserve this, I guess I could pay up some more…

Just throwing that Idea out there, since, you know… if it saves Battleborn, me hastly using MTXs in this was only an investment Vs. Lost money.

If Battleborn dissapears just as planned… then my money was really just wasted.


I really, REALLY want the game to become peer-to-peer. I don’t know how much resources and time that’s going to take away from them to please people who already paid for this game, but I’m going to cross my fingers until the final moments of this game that they’ll give us such a system.

To be honest, I don’t get why game developers for abandoned online games doesn’t do this more. Not because I know better, but because I don’t know how it works. Though I do know that leaving the game alone while giving the players a P2P system will still give people something to be happy about. I wish more games abandoned their games in such a way.

I’m not sure if they plan on trying something like Battleborn again but with how badly I got burned with this game at times I don’t think I would don’t again. I had well over 500 hours in this game but there where several decisions made that hurt the long term health of the game.
First: adding a store front when they promised no microtransactions.
Second: waiting months before adding any of he seasons pass content.
Lastly: leaving game breaking bugs in like no Story Mission scoring for months while they added cosmetics and other premium items to the store.

They showed they have not clue what business model or marketing a game like this needed. The expectation that the Borderlands name would sell this game was absurd. In addition to all that they waited over a year before remodeling the game business model instead of doing it right when the store front came out. Don’t get me wrong I loved Battleborn but GBX needs to be held accountable for all the fans they took advantage of along the way. I was a fool and bought this game twice at full price because I trusted them. The same can be said for anyone who paid full price.