Petition to increase current max level gear to new max level

Update 2/12/20: we’re up to 216 petitioners! This is great support for a small community. Let’s see if we can get to 300. Please share with other social sites, friends and players!


+1 good idea

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No, but thanks

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Honestly kinda pumped to farm fresh gear I got so many god rolls and mules. A fresh start sounds good imo


Only three levels and we already get to this?


I can see why people would want this but it’s a no from me


Why would it be a no? Would it harm people in any way to not implement an ability to increase grear score? Many games do this, some by using a type of resource or currency, and only available to specific items (legendaries).


Steam users would still not have access to the Halloween gear that original players would get to level boost and keep using. The terror meta needs to die again until next bloody harvest - introducing such a game changing mechanic from event gear was a mistake because it keeps people from using different approaches. How are they going to finish balancing new anointments of people refuse to use them?

Basically consumers need to grow out of their comfort zone and actually challenge themselves, besides its a looter shooter - if you don’t play for the loot why play at all?

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What we really need is just a way to re-farm the gear easier. This is why I keep advocating for re-rolling items. Something like this would make finding the correct gear+anointment combo much easier, and it would be a huge QoL feature. It would also allow them to keep increasing the cap without too much frustration.


It’s funny because with this game I did grow out of my comfort zone. In the past, I would play a game until the campaign was completed and my character level reached the max. Then, a new game would come out and even though in my mind I would tell myself that I’d go back to said game, I rarely did. With BL3, I changed, I dedicated myself to perfecting my characters with the best loot possible. That meant hours and hours and days and days of playing and farming. It became addicting, because after a ton of hard work and dedication, I’d find that 1 artifact with the perfect anointment that would tip my character to be even stronger than before. Rinse and repeat until I was able to solo the game’s most difficult challenge. Over 800 hours invested into this game, chasing after rare max level gear. Then, overnight, it all becomes wasted time. Now the casual, 40 hour, player can surpass what took me 800 hours to accomplish. This tells me that my original habit of gameplay, 30-40 hours, reach max level, dump the game for a different game, was indeed what I should have stayed with.


I’ll start by saying that I haven’t farmed/traded for any perfect rolls or anything I do my best to gear up playing naturally so I probably won’t be losing anything that isn’t replaced fairly easily. (except my Rakk anointed Bekah :cry:)

That said I think it is more a preference on how I like to play, if I have all the gear what is there left to keep me playing? Certainly not the shallow endgame we currently have. I’ll admit the three levels are a bit of a slap in the face being just shy of a second capstone, and honestly if this is how they are going to handle the level cap increases in the future I would have to agree that they should give an option or way to level gear up. But if they return to giving around 10 levels with each increase I’m more than happy to start fresh once or twice in the games life span

You should say this to people who are asking for level cap raise simply because they like to level and not really about the loot.

All I can see is we can’t just leave blanket statements like this. Different people, different strokes. There is no one size fits all. Some people like level cap. Some dont (like me). Some people just like to farm. Some dont like to farm. Some like to loot. Some like to waste other people’s time etc.

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I won’t be happy with this until they implement an anti-glitch, anti-dupe system. I’m busting my a$$ to refarm and they just let glitches bypass all these changes they’ve implemented.

Or level up gear. Same end goal. I just don’t see why someone needs to refarm his lvl 50 Woodblocker so that he can use a lvl 53 Woodlocker. Of course the Woodblocker is an exaggeration here.

At level 53 that Woodblocker is still TRASH. (Why not fix some of the trash legendaries too?)


Concur 100%. I’ve said the same thing myself before and the item-crafting idea seems popular.

Endgame uses for eridium and money are lacking and adding weapon crafting with a resource cost fulfills two needs for endgame players.

As for the petition, I have mixed feelings on raising gear levels. Also I’m from New York, so I abstain…



Right, it is the gear that makes the build when it comes to the end game. Level is imaginary, doesn’t matter if the level cap is 10, 50, 100, 1000. Level cap increase is simply a marketing tool, it encourages the casual gamer to come back to the game. Where those who take it a bit more serious are penalized, making their previous effort obsolete.

Isn’t this the point of guardian ranks?! Add a new tier to guardian ranks, increase the points given to each guardian rank increase.

Here’s an idea… for each level 50 character, give them the option to flash to 53 along with all of their gear. Those who want to can do it, those who want to grind can choose to pass.


I would totally be cool with a crafting option, as a way for end game farmers to reduce the damage caused by a level cap increase.


I’m cool with the level increase as long as we get some way to upgrade items to the new level. Even if it’s crazy expensive and uses a bunch of eridium. Would really help with key build pieces.

The extra skills points and augments you can reach certainly make a huge impact on builds idk what you’re talking about.

Could also just wait until all the content is released then play the game… But then there a chance that a dlc gets released before BL4 that bridges the story and does it all over again too.

I don’t understand this, people who want a level cap increase are all about bringing the challenge back to the game - it is their comfort zone to strive for the top so of course they want new loot yeah? If all they want is to level I honestly doubt that 12 levels (3 per character if they even did all 4 to begin with) is going to bring them back. There’s no sense of progression to it.

I can agree to this wholeheartedly. But still not sure why it applies to the previous comment I left? Developers never want consumers to get to the top of the game and stagnate because there nothing left. Power creep will always be around for those looking for ‘end game’ content. If you don’t want to play a game for the loot then there’s loads better options out there than BL3. The game isn’t meant to be one size fits all to begin with - play for the loot or pick a game more suited for your needs. Anything else probably has less technical problems than this title anyways.