Petition to keep Takedown scaling a permanent feature

I would like to see the interest from the community to keep the Takedown scaling event as a permanent feature and maybe add the ability to select your own scaling for those that like the increased challenge. What do you guys think? I personally am having tons fun running it solo and being able to go at my own pace.


Given this has been discussed extensively and there are clear differences of opinion, how about a simple poll?

  • Revert Takedown to fixed 4-player scaling
  • Keep Takesdown scaling to number of players
  • Provide a slider to select Takedown scaling

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Add option to scale the whole world to 1-4 player next to the Mayhem scale. Would vote for that in a heartbeat.


I want every one to be able to have fun a slider allows people to play and experience not every one is like yourself some have disabilities some just have different skill levels some love soloing the 4man some may want to solo or two man the three man and so on might not be possible but I would greatly appreciate a slider for scaling please gearbox thank you for this post and edited in pole btw


I always default to more options (so a slider would be my answer), but they already have one with the Mayhem Modifiers, so it feels weird to ask for another slider on top of that just for this piece of content.

Is this intended to be a raid? If so, leave it as is (though I’d love more ‘nerf it for the plebs’ events in the future). If it’s intended to be an extra difficult DLC, then scale it: I think the Mayhem Modifiers still provide enough difficulty range for most players. Farmers who just want quick kills to roll the gear dice will have an easier time available to them, and players looking for a challenge (for whom MM4 isn’t enough) will just need to put down the best gear/build in the game to bring up the challenge as they see fit.

So basically the reverse (inverse?) of a traditional difficulty slider? That actually sounds like a neat concept. I’d love to see that incorporated into pretty much any game!

Basicly like zombie army trilogy they allow you to completely customize your single player run how many players zombies will appear so one player with the option to set it up with 2 player three player and four player level of zombies meaning more zombies or less and a separate difficulty level so you can adjust both to you liking

I was thinking a slider labelled Fun, More Fun, Extra Fun, and Extreme Fun would be an interesting UI element.


keep bumping it , make sure people sees it

Slider option maybe not so easy to implement on top of already existing mayhem modifiers. And it feels redundant, Mayhem 5 is probably on the way already. They should just keep it scaled to number of players. If you are not challenged you can use something outside maggie/brainstormer/dictator/etc loadout, a lot of guns are actually usable now. More health doesn’t equal challenge anyway, it means slower and more tedious.


My idea only works for enemy spawns there is already technically a slider it activates depending how many players are in a session this would just be an in game or out of game option set it for one player standard one player amount of enemies spawn set it for two with only one and two player amount of enemies spawn and so on you are right as I know nothing about game programming or the like it may not be so simple or even possible but all I can do is post my idea and maybe gearbox see it and think about it or nothing happens never hurts to try lol

Oh and my slider would be for the entire game btw sorry I didn’t clarify that in zombie army trilogy I like cadet difficulty with two player zombies not as easy as you might think it actually doubles the amount of zombies and special zombies and I like to play arcade like and only snipe with headshots and while I love sniping I’m average at it

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I dont know much about programming either and I’m not completly against this idea. But they struggled to bring this event already, I’m not sure I personally want them to pull resources into this. I would rather have better mayhem modes, with modifiers that will make game actually challenging and fresh every time. Something like more health for enemies, but more crit damage. Enemies move faster but so do you. You deal more damage but can carry less ammo. Things like these would actually force players to play and aim better. Not bullet sponge on top of bullet sponge where only 1% of legendary gear is viable. And we need better balancing for gear and anointments, biggest BL3 problem is that it’s a looter shooter where loot is not exciting.

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I’d support a slider, but I wouldn’t want how it is to be the only option. I’ve run it with the event on M4 with my 3 different classes and feels too easy for all of them. Option is best, keep everyone happy, but if it has to be either/or then I vote go back to how it was.

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Yeah I agree just posting my idea just maybe gearbox read it and think about is all lol I would like both tbh put nerds and other things on hold for a while and not trying to snidley say wah gearbox is to nerf focused just saying prioritize this stuff first also they might already be doing the mayhem part of what you want with mayhem 2.0

Then I say at this point make the event guaranteed monthly you get what you want and while I have to wait when the level cap is increased I can also get the same gear as you I don’t run the m4 none scaled builds btw and to me even though it obviously isn’t my borderlands 3 game is single player only meaning with out scaling I can’t do the event but some one did explain your point to me in a way that made sense they like the solo 4 player raid challenge it bought them joy joy was my word lol they didn’t act like they where better they just wanted to have fun in thier game they payed for I can’t dissagree with that

I’d also be happy with that, have it scale for a week every month. Some people still won’t be happy but at least everyone can have a go at their preferred difficulty at some point regularly.

I’m kinda missing the extreme fun option already.

Ok just saw the poll again lol don’t mean to come across like I’m saying wth screw you but why did people choose the none custom scaling option?

viabledrevin, “Ok just saw the poll again lol don’t mean to come across like I’m saying wth screw you but why did people choose the none custom scaling option?”

Because it IS a raid, it was intended by the developers to be difficult content- and is already solo-able. Many believe in sticking to content as it was designed, not changing games just to suit their personal preference. Also, there is a perception - and I think it has a lot of truth in it - that the reason people can’t solo it is because they won’t put in the work to learn how, to fail enough times that they succeed. Many such people want an instant fix for instant gratification. On the surface it might seem like there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a real fear that games in general will become more and more “dumbed down” and all challenge will be removed from them.

And, adding a slider isn’t a free thing. Look how long it took just to scale it down for 2 weeks - adding a slider isn’t as simple as it might sound to you. It means more demand on developer time, time that could be spent on other things. I’d hate for content to be cut because they had to spend time making the slider option.

(Just to be clear, I voted for the slider option myself, so I’m not entirely speaking my opinion above; I do tend to think the way I talked about, but in this particular case I’m not opposed to providing an easier difficulty for those who want it. On the other hand games like Sekiro should remain as difficult as they are because that is the specific intention of the game and anyone that bought it should have known it would be difficult, the information discussing how hard it would be was readily available well before launch.)