Petition to keep Takedown scaling a permanent feature

Not sure that’s entirely true. I could be wrong, but Kittyshoes seems to be making that point as well.

Also, I haven’t seen a logical defense of that perspective. As I’ve already said, it’s fine if they feel that way, but without a logical defense, their feelings are irrational, and not a basis to make decisions upon. If someone is acting contrary to logic, it’s hard to justify their position, that’s all.

What I don’t like about is this:

Pretend you are GBX looking at this thread. You know you aren’t going to do a slider option because it’s too much coding work, too much to get through the process, it will put you off release schedule.

So now we have the other 2 options to look at. Well it looks like only 6% like it hard and 28% like it easy. But what about that 66% if that wasn’t there, then what would those numbers really be? We have no way of knowing with a “middle ground” option being in the poll.

I re-read the op btw and they were actually wondering if people though the scaling should be left to solo or not with “maybe a scaling option” the main question of the OP was scale/or not. Also the title is ‘petition to keep takedown scaling a permanent feature’.


Make your own thread and your own poll :man_shrugging:


I think if those voting for a slider really cared about difficulty, they’d have opted for a return to fixed scaling instead?

I mean, slider votes could be folks who would like to keep per-player scaling but give those wanting more of a challenge a means to achieve that. Or, they could be folk who would also go for 4-player scaling but are perfectly happy to give others more opportunity to enjoy the same content.

Either way, they’re effectively saying “don’t make difficulty a forced thing”

The real flaw in the poll is that it doesn’t get people to specify what the current preferred level of play is: NVHM or TVHM, M0-M4.

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Also the OP:

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I just made this thread.

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It’s been a while since I paid any attention so I ask:

How are Terramorphous, Master Gee, Voracidous, Vermivorous, et al. scaled? And is that the same as when they were released?

I recall the 4 player glitch in front of Gee and that’s all I can remember.

Well rightfully so. Would you not say that it is a rather selfish outlook?

Also I’d say there’s probably like 3 people that feel this way.


How many can actually solo that with skill and then how many can only do bug/mechanic/map abuse?


I believe they all had different scaling based on player count.

This is sort of a different topic entirely, but I agree with this. I always laugh when people praise the BL2 raid bosses. I mean, they were an awesome idea, but the actual fight mechanics were generally always terrible. Nearly every video out there is some combination of game breaking items and hiding in a glitch spot. I mean if you find that fun it isn’t my place to say you’re wrong, but I think the design was terrible compared to other games.


I do too, and I think if there is a chance BL3 can do right(hopefully) is this,…


I actually think they’ve done a wonderful job on most of the BL3 story bosses. They often have interesting mechanics that can be countered or avoided with smart play. If they can carry over this quality into the Raid bosses, I’ll be interested in trying them out.


Terramorphous, Pete, and Hyperius were pretty well designed. Gee was awful mechanics, and I could never figure out Vorac.

Vermy and Omnd Omnd Ohk weren’t “raid bosses” but I enjoyed them the few times I could spawn them.

I think you might be right.

Gee WAS scaled to 4 for a little while at least. The 4 player glitch everyone talked about was always going to the gate in front of Gee, never anyone else.

Eh, I think Pete was the only one that was passable. Terra often just requires hiding back on that rock. Hyperius I just B0red with Zer0 so I can’t say much on that one.

The thing is tho, most of the BL2 story bosses aren’t much better. Saturn, the Warrior, Fly Guy (Torque DLC), Badassasaurus Rex, and more were all pretty bad in my opinion. The fact that they seemed to get much better at designing story bosses for BL3 hopefully means that improvement will carry over to the raid bosses.


Most of the bosses period weren’t very fun.

Pimon and Tumbaa, the Assassins, and BNK3R are the only ones I recall being anything more than sponges

Edited to add:
I pimp-duuurped Vorac out of rage.

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I locked him in the gates at caustic caverns after getting him to spawn before and he just flew away after running to get ammo.

So it is my wife and I locked in the gates with vermy, many deaths but plenty of ammo to take him down.

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Solo I could only spawn him in the Creature Slaughter. In the open there’d be too many other varkids beating me to death.

Could you please explain what he has to learn, what in depth tatic is needed for the Takedown because right now that just reads. “You’re bad git gud.”

Seriously though that attitude is nasty man, here is person saying they can’t do it on the easiest of modes and you berate them for it without offering a word of meaningful advice, then say stuff like

At least people are trying to explain the other points of view not just attacking you for being bad like you did to @VaultHunter101 while dismissing the point that clearly is in line with the poll and conversation