Petition to keep Takedown scaling a permanent feature

Okay now no joke you have to be troll, did you miss the first sentence in my reply?

All the following replies were satire, mimicking how you’ve been replying, the how I feel one being the weakest but…

Bruh look up what satire means. I said I was proud, because I had legitimately forgotten I said that and after reading you say that it made me laugh. Not like a laugh at you sort of way, but like when a show brings up something in s3e9 that was in like s1e12 or something like that. Like like goose from Family Guy, I guess? That’s kind of an old analogy, but it’s solid for what I’m depicting.

Having said that, I stand firmly behind my originally “well being” post. If I hadn’t put the “lololol,” it might have stood better ground against being “attacking.” Still, it was in response to somebody saying they paid for free content, which is another contradiction altogether, and needed to be swiftly shot down.

I cut my gaming teeth playing Doom in the days of compet-n (look it up young’uns). Perhaps for the people atop the boards it was a boastful accomplishment, but to me it was motivational. When I started playing Doom I’d never have guessed it was possible to even finish a level on Nightmare to 100%, much less that most levels could be completed in under 90 seconds. I tried like hell for longer than I care to talk about to get on that board. Came devilishly close on Perfect Hatred (submitted a demo that beat the posted record but lost to a simultaneous submission that beat mine, not that I still think about it!) and I had hundreds of hours of (OCD?!) fun and learned to study and strategize only because others had said that it could be done.

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And yet you keep coming back for rebuttal despite numerous claims that you are done with this topic.

I am extremely tired of this debate, so I just going to highlight a few key areas here:

Nothing is being taken away if the option is still there for you to select the 4p difficulty. This has been said and made clear over, and over, and over again. I don’t know how else to put it at this point.

You do not speak for all players, or even for the majority for that matter. I certainly don’t feel this way; the YouTube videos that I watched don’t feel this way, the writers of the articles I read don’t feel this way, the majority of voters in this poll clearly don’t feel this way, etc. This “diminished sense of accomplishment” is very much a you thing, and I suppose the others that have agreed.

Again, nothing is taken away if the option is still there. More people playing the content is what’s good for business, I promise you that that one isn’t debatable.

I’m sorry, but you say you don’t want to be labeled as having an elitist mindset and then you say something like this. If you think making content optionally accessible to lesser skilled players ruins its integrity, well…

Based on some posts here and elsewhere, people are still finding the content very challenging even with the scaling.

I am going to end this by quoting a post from above that perfectly highlights the issue I have with your mindset:

Obviously, you are acting as person 2 in this example. Do you not see how this is a self-serving point of view?

If you need one more example, here:


If you look at my last few replies(since I said I was done), you’ll notice I’ve came back for the simple reason that I have to correct people that are intentionally mis-quoting me. I just don’t appreciate my words being purposefully misrepresented. It wasn’t just you with the whole take on “accomplishment” but a few others, including good ole @Vaulthunter claiming I said easy/nvhm/m0 “is a breeze” when all I did was ask if anyone has tried that yet.

Just a few examples.

Also, I’m free to change my mind and do as I please. And since, I’m here, how about a:


Of course a difficulty slider is taking away the difficulty, it’s what the whole idea of a difficulty slider is! See, I can play the word game too.

But seriously, creating a difficulty slider for people to choose their comfort zone just makes it so instead of trying to learn the games presented challenges as they were designed(which is large part of fun no?), you can now just flip a switch and ignore it.

You may not realize it but “having a challenge” keeps people interested in playing. It literally is the carrot on a stick that developers use to keep players engaged with their content.

By having some content that takes preparation, repeated attempts, and failure, keeps the wheels rolling, especially in a Looter Shooter style game.

Why would you need better loot or better gear if there is no place in the game that requires needing it?

Game developers know this and I appreciate it.

It’s literally to save you from yourself.

There is plenty of casual content in the game to enjoy if you really detest this concept. There are also other games that fit a more “instant gratification” profile to enjoy.

Before you, or someone tries to use this, I’m not saying to go play another game. I’m saying that is how a small portion of this game is designed and I respect and appreciate that.

Be fair. You cherry picked this particular piece on purpose. In actual context of conversation you know that I was explaining myself to your earlier accusations about painting some weird syntax between “accomplishment” and “Mwahaha acCoMpLiShMeNt LoSeRs!”

Your entire tirade of “nobody appreciats accomplishment in games but me in the entire world” is patently and obviously false. C’mon. Your reaching hard now.

Of course games are designed to bring a feeling of success after completing a difficult task.

The rest of your post is bordering very close on simple ad hominem, so I’ll simply not address that.

*I’m not sharing my soda tho. :kissing_heart:

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I have no idea how this is a word game, but we can just agree to disagree on this at this point. I’m sick of the marry-go-round.

Nowhere did I say this, so I think the reaching is being done by you. I simply stated that your earlier statement about “all players losing their sense of accomplishment” is false, because we can all only speak for ourselves. There is nothing illogical or “cherry picking” about pointing this out.

I simply pointed out that the comments you were making were the definition of that type of mindset. That isn’t ad-hominem. It is akin to telling a guy who posts that he hates [insert race here] people that his comments are racist. If you don’t want people to think you are a racist, don’t make racist comments. Etc.

Also, I feel like this was a slightly convenient excuse for you to get out of having to address the post I quoted that points out the issues with your thought process.

I will let you keep the soda at least.


Once again I paid for the game knowing they had a road map of future content both paid DLC and stuff to be release at a later time, my purchase help fund the road map it was not free. People who buy the game after the release of content are straight up buying the content. People who buy the game of the year edition are paying for the content. No matter how you look at it if you bought the game day 1 or years from now you paid for the content. If I was the only one to buy Borderland 3 there would be no Takedown, it’s not free.

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Oh? You didn’t mention saying I’m completely alone in appreciating a sense of accomplishment? Nowhere?

Here you claimed that nearly everyone in the entire world doesn’t care about a “sense of accomplishment”.

Hell, you even claimed:

So yeah, you did say that nobody cares for a sense of accomplishment. You said exactly that.

I wouldn’t worry about my thought process or state of mind. It doesn’t matter how I arrive on an opinion, it matters that I presented it.

And that’s all it is. An opinion.

Since my opinion is so wack, isolated and pointlessly out of touch with everyone else, so much that literally no one agrees with me, then surely Gearbox will add a difficulty slider soon.

So I’ll leave it at that.

No I didn’t, you’re misunderstanding the context completely. I was saying that you cannot claim that they DO care because you can only speak for yourself. I was taking issue with the fact that your post implied that you know what everyone thinks by making statements like “this ruins the sense of accomplishments for all players”. You don’t speak for them all, so your statement was inaccurate. And my comment about it being a “YOU” thing was in reference to this because you can speak for you and only you.

Is this… is this the first game you’ve ever purchased?

Every game that has any internet connectivity adds content after release. Some of these are paid, like the Jackpot DLC, and some are free, like the Takedown. The box you buy and the box some dude buys who lives in the middle of nowhere and has no internet connection does not change. Still the same base game, same purchase.

Literally could not make this easier for you to comprehend. If you don’t, that’s on you. You didn’t throw the Takedown in a cart - virtual or not - and pay money for it. You paid for the the game to which the free content is applied towards.

Actually I think this trend has stemmed from the philosophy of a “Games as a Service” model, which is just a bastardized version of a subscription based MMO. Except in the aforementioned case, people usually pay just for the initial game and expect a bunch of content after release, whereas people who subscribe to games expect their subscription to hold value. So not expecting free stuff, just stuff worth their monthly payout.

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I think that is part of his point though. The Takedown and other events on the roadmap were advertised before launch, so maybe someone who was on the fence about BL3 decided to make the purchase based on this content. They couldn’t have played the content without making the purchase, so for them it wasn’t free.

However if you bought BL3 for the base game, then yes this extra content feels like gravy since you didn’t have to pay any additional money. I think your guys’ whole argument hinges heavily on the perspective of the buyer.

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I guess that could be a point to be made. But even gearbox’s roadmap labeled the Halloween Event (edit) and Maliwan Takedown as free content, followed by the first paid DLC which was clearly labeled “paid.”

Edit: missed the “t” in “event”


They can label it free all they want but like I said had I been the only one to buy this game those “free” updates would have never been made. It’s through the purchasing power of many that the stuff gets funded. If it get’s funded through sales it not free.

Okay then what about the game of the year addition that will have everything, then will that content be paid for?

OK This has derailed far enough. Time for a break from this thread.

OK, let’s see if things can stay on topic better this time…

I’m curious if the poll I posted (that Kab was suggesting, credit to them) has changed any perspectives regarding the three choice option proposed here.

My contention is that this thread presupposes that a difficulty slider IS a viable option (even if it is not, in reality, but that it is for the sake of discussion here) and that the other thread presupposes the opposite.

That thread, for ease of finding it:

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This isn’t about me. It’s about hypocrisy and ad hominem attacks.

Man up, you said it, now own it.

Games are supported by money. Everything else is noise.

Nope. Apparently staying on-topic was too hard.