Petition to reduce zoom on monocle (FLS)

First things first monocle is supposed to be single shot single target crit king which it is not but whatever you know gearbox things. just like bitch is supposed to be critical hit dps king in smg’s but finds itself in useless tier. i am not asking for buffs to the gun but holly molly it would be so much easier to use if it did not zoom into elpis core from pandora. what do you guys think? first wave of zoom magnification reduction gearbox has done was very insignificant, game is primarily close to mid range combat. i personally find zooms that exceed times 6 magnification useless but some guns go overboard. do you agree or not. provide your reasons down below.

  • yes, it zooms too much and serves no purpose, lower zoom level would make it more fun to use
  • no, high magnification is actually useful

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my preferred scope range would be 6-8 times

Hey, leave my gun alone, please.

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i gave it to you it is mine :v

srsly do you like that insane zoom tho? elaborate

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I can only answer this from my personal perspective and limitations: I’m absolutely fine with it when using a mouse. Since I really suck using a joypad, it’s a bit more of a struggle for me to hit anything in general so I find the zoom a bit harder to cope with on the Xbox. But I’m improving, gradually.
For anyone more familiar with joypads, I can only assume they find it less of an issue.

I think the slightly increased difficulty offsets the power in quite a well-balanced way.

I think they done it on purpose, you want that crit? you have to zoom in troll mode. The idea in itself is not bad, giving advantage in exchange to getting accustomed to a weird condition, if anything they should keep the zoom but buff the gun so it is worth bothering, cause people are just going to use wedding invitation and whatnot

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But how else can I ummm… ermmm… inspect Moxxi?


lol what do you think photo mode is for? artistic purposes? :rofl:


I thought they lowered it once already.

I like it a lot do not mess with my favorite sniper ,
If they don’t like the zoom on it let them use something else.

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Its impractical with a controller as is. Making slight adjustments or reflex shooting is far more difficult with a joystick as opposed to a mouse. Iv played Boderlands on console for most of my history and about a year and a half ago I played BL1 and BL2 on PC and the game was infinity easier because of the mouse. You get a level of control that even expert player on console don’t have.

In BL3 aming down sights seems to take in to account both your ads and standard aim sensitivities. This makes with he monical you will haft to pre aim a crit and quick scope for crits. That or hope the enemy doesn’t move. The other option is Phasegrasp.
The game was originally made for PC and most of it’s in house QA probably happens on PC aswell. (GBX devs have gone on record in the past saying they are PC games in their office) enemy movement isn’t as much of an issue if you fan reflex shoot or make small adjustments with a mouse.

Honestly I would love for the next gen Console versions to get keyboard and mouse support.

I would say an even 10x zoom would be a good place for it. That’s not as high as the Cyclops or Fremington’s Edge, but maps BL3 are much more confined that prior BL games. If you could get a little more room for the 14x zoom it wouldn’t be as bad. Graveward is the only place to have been able to have consistent success with it because of its zoom level.

Monocle works better playing in a group, then you can get some distance to make the zoom manageable. Solo sniping is meh anyways.

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I had one early on, around level 13, that was only around 9X. That took a bit of time to get used to, but I loved it for popping heads at a distance. All of the other ones that I have gotten are the 14X. That takes longer to adapt to, but once you are used to it, it is a lot of fun and quite usable with a mouse. I wouldn’t change the zoom level, but I can imagine it sometimes spawning in a rare configuration with a variable zoom. As-is, I can’t imagine ever trying to successfully use it with a controller, however. Since I got my new Wedding Invitation, I don’t carry a Monocle anymore. The new gun is way too much fun to use.

Jakob’s have that adjustable wheel on the scope. It should have variable magnification. That’s what they should do. Something like 6 and 14, but have 14 do insane damage.

the reason i could think about why high zoom is bad is borderlands 3 suddenly decided to not scale sensitivity for zoom level .

we should probably ask for a better option for sensitivity wise and fix input lag on console if youre a console player.

in reality , any zoom level is fine because they dont move ultra omega fast , it really doesn’t hinder ur aim

cyclops is like 5x only

If you practice you can quickscope and still get the crit bonus but it’ll give you a migraine after a while.

What if you could roll different scopes and we had both. I’m actually quite surprised a lot of people like the huge zoom. It is a cool niche.