Petition to rename Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot to OMGWTF

I see what you guys are doing here, can’t we just be blatant about it?

I say we rename Oscar Mike to Oscar Mike Golf (OMG in military phonetics)
And Whiskey Foxtrot to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF in military phonetics)

Anyone else agree?

Sign here

Sign the petition to change Oscar Mike’s name to Oscar Mike Golf and
Whiskey Foxtrot’s name to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot that they might me
called OMGWTF @


I have a question…

Don’t know why you would say that without asking the question and waste topic space. What is said question?

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I mean, we all knew about the whole deal with whiskey and oscar, but, no need to be so blunt about it…

(Also… in a singing voice - wasted opportunity, wasted opportunity~ - on earlier comment)

Pshhhh why not? Makes me sad, feels like you want to say it but it’s missing.

At least have it in the Lore or something?

You know I actually didn’t notice that >_<.


I sign the petition


Haha, well there we go! All the more reason for the “rename”

To me there really is no reason to bother and rename characters, for any reason… So… I’m just gonna let you guys waste time…


It’s not even a rename really, it’s just adding the name that shouldn’t have been left out lol.

Just make it a skin!

Why rename Oscar Mike? Oscar Mike by itself is On Mission.

I do agree with Foxtrot, he needs Tango in his name because it sounds awesome. And a bit silly, too. Something for OM to make fun of. ;D

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Hmmmm didn’t know about that, but to me it’d be more like OMGWTF lol.

My favorite was this PvP match and I was playing as Whiskey Foxtrot had died and was watching Oscar Mike play and right before I spawned Oscar Mike says “Watch out guys my evil twin is coming back!” lol.

OM can say really funny things, especially when WTF is near. XD But I agree that OMGWTF is cool and I will sign the petition! Where can I sign it?

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Lol I’m not sure, it’s not super formal yet. Figured I would have caught a mod’s attention or someone by now

I think OM is On the Move.
Oscar even make a reference when you respawn about it “On the move… I wish there were a faster way to say that” (Or something like that)

Ah yes, he has quite the character. But now he can say “Oh my god… I wish there was a faster way to say that” lol

You are right, it means On The Move. But it means On Mission too. ;p
And as far as I know, it isn’t even really used to say things faster. (I mean, how is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot shorter than WTF?)
I’ve been told, the walky-talkys were so crap back then, that ‘On the move’ or ‘on mission’ could be misheard sometimes… Which Oscar Mike was much clearer…

But seriously, is there a for this petition? I’ll make one myself if I have too! ;p

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I have an idea … @Psychichazard would the developers be up for suggestions and potentially change Oscar Mike to Oscar Mike Golf and Whiskey Foxtrot to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot that we may have OMGWTF?

Glad I’m not the only one adamant about this change lol