Petition to replace the Dakka Bear turret and make it better

Petition to replace the Dakka Bear turret by a third smaller equipable action skill Iron Bear weapon. It would be the same as the other Iron Bear weapons but do half the damage. You could activate it yourself and if someone actually get in the third weapon, they could control it.

The Dakka turret is just a waste of time and DPS, you do much more damage by using your own weapons. I get the fun side of things but I highly doubt much of the playerbase even hop in it when they can…

Why even make it do less damage, you have zero mobility if you control it yourself, and lose a co-op player’s abilities and guns if they jump in it.

The only problem is rocketeer would be able to cheese slaughters very easily. Maybe make it drain fuel or something instead of less damage?

Or just leave it but change the skill point to something else and have it built in.

Dakka turret is risk free damage. It also can give a homie a break and recharge. It’s unlimited ammo. You can also hop out and let IB shoot grenades and use the turret as a 3rd gun…not bad for one point.


By holding the action skill button moze drops out a stationary manable turret with its own cooldown? Sorta like fl4ks attack command…
In its current state - its useful in that who’s using it doesnt recieve damage even during brief autobear

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Have you tried it in Slaughter Shaft M4? I was testing out rocketeer and dakka bear does so little damage, by the time I could get 1/4 of a single health bar down, Iron Bear would just turn and kill it in 2 seconds.

I get this, in the chance you’re out of grenades to heal or you want your shield to recharge for a few seconds I guess… But you can also just run around a corner for a moment too. It has a very fringe usage. Plus that accuracy is so bad haha.

Personally ive never even specced into it :rofl: but i did hop on someone elses to refill my shield to reproc TD since i do mindsweeper, seemed to serve atleast that purpose

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Sometimes it’s an ok choice to get you to Rpms. Not even the best choice, but i mean 1pt in matched set does basically nothing, and scrappy is scrappy…

So it’s whatever I guess haha.

You pick the hardest difficulty and call for it to disappear? Seems a little over the top.

No. I pick the hardest difficulty and simply wouldn’t mind it being a little more viable. The damage on the turret could be 4x as high and it still wouldn’t be that great, but it’d be a little fun to use sometimes, you know?

I also don’t think it should be removed, I said I wish it was built in if it wasn’t going to be changed. I really like the idea of it.

[quote=“HurdyGurdy, post:2, topic:4215136”]
Why even make it do less damage[/quote]
TBH I was just saying that so devs dont somehow see it as op…

[quote=“HurdyGurdy, post:2, topic:4215136”]
Maybe make it drain fuel or something instead of less damage?[/quote]
Thatd be a good balance I guess?

[quote=“Facehuggybear, post:3, topic:4215136”]
Dakka turret is risk free damage. It also can give a homie a break and recharge.[/quote]
I dont know about you but Iv played all Borderlands and their DLCs, if you need invincible “frames” in vault hunter mode to recharge, your build is just not that great…

[quote=“Steeveyb, post:4, topic:4215136”]
By holding the action skill button moze drops out a stationary manable turret with its own cooldown?[/quote]
Wouldnt mind that either aslong as they turn it into something actually usefull.

Just like old times eheh.

This, I beat normal mode with friends so far and its pretty much garbage, I cant imagine how useless it is on vault hunter mode…

Personally Id like if it was a third equipable action skill weapon and acted as a mortar version of all the weapons. Make it also usable by other players and use fuel for balance maybe?. Imagine the skill giving you a military Vladof satellite following you on whatever planet you go to and when you use your third action skill weapon you would hear a sat com like “payload inbound” and it would just drop whatever weapon you use. Heck why not make it so the third weapon has a longer reload but the damage is higher than Iron Bear arm weapons. For example if you had the railgun equipped, the statellite would drop a massive railgun beam down where you aim.

Id like that anyway, lets pray…

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Not sure, but it looks like it. Could still read your post though.

Tbh I’m not sure why anybody would see it as balanced the way it is, it’s pretty pointless other than novelty, and a survival mechanic.

A survival mechanic that shares the same button as picking up weapons on the ground so you might end up with some green gear in your inventory haha.

If they don’t change it ever, whatever I guess, not like Moze needs it, but it feels like a missed opportunity for some cool gameplay.

When I first tried it myself I was like “really? is that it? seems worst than the BL1 outrunner machinegun lol…”

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Damage looks pertty good to me. Not to mention anyone riding in the seat gets that damage even a level 1 Player.

Dakka got buffed with everything else and if you put effort into boosting IB damage when you exit it can do some work. I held on to some Terror Items so I can get 50% Bonus Cryo with increased Fire Rate or Crit damage in Dakka bear for the entire duration of Auto Bear.

I like to run it with Minesweeper and Dakka Shots can cause Micro Grenade spam which will melt anything you can keep the reticule on.

My biggest gripe is the severe falloff in accuracy as enemies get further away and the inability to hit enemies that are right up on IB. Aslo the fact that it’s view is tied to how IB is facing, so if it turns you have to slowly turn yourself to hit the target.

Otherwise I see no issue. If I’m running an IB focused build I always spec into Dakka bear as it comes in handy for 15 Seconds of free damage. Also when you add Dakka Bear damage on top of IB damage it’s really silly. I have no idea why it’s being considered a singular damage source when it’s 1 of IBs 3 Weapons.


The problem is it requires specific anointments on a shield or grenade, mind sweeper legendary com, and that the enemy be 10 to 30m away to do enough consistent damage to be worth it.

Again I’m not saying it can’t be decent with the right build, but it’s borderlands… It could be viable and good without that stuff and really powerful if you spec for those synergies with it.

It’d be fun to put one of Iron bears other weapons that nobody uses up there. Like cryo mini gun, or a nuke. Iron Bear never uses them, at least Dakka could?

I doubt they would put the effort into something like that anyway, but for 15 seconds and having to let your gun cooldown or reload I don’t think being OP is a problem.

Anyway those are good tips for anyone trying to make dakka more useful. I think we can all agree Moze doesn’t need any changes to Dakka or anything, it’s just fun to think about making it more engaging.

There’s always room for improvement. I honestly didn’t expect such a big improvement though. It’s base damage is more than 2x higher than at launch.

I look forward to what we’ll see when/if they add more skills or more skill trees. We might actually get some kind of Dakka Modifications. So I don’t think it’s bad to hope for more.

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I mean, it’s a fun interaction for sure. But i have a hard time to find it worth it. The IB exit animation + mounting the turret surely shaves off a couple of seconds. Biggest benefit for me i guess would be that it allows for a few extra seconds of topped off when in combat.

If IB ever gets the option to deploy without entering, i could consider it!

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I tried Dakka for the first time tonight.

It’s just a fooking pathetic useless ■■■■■■■■ turd of a skill. Why include something like this in the game. I really can’t stand when a skill is completely and utterly useless with zero redeemable qualities.

It’s just a sad excuse for game development. I literally can’t talk enough ■■■■ about this worthless waste of resources. How does something like this make it into a final version of a game?

The thing is: the concept is really cool. The execution is horrible. Its like having the white, level one starter pistol mounted to the top of this supposedly awesome mech.

“Ping, ping, ping! Yah, I did 3 points of damage!”

To summarize, a developer obviously put this skill into the game as is to troll players. There is no other logical excuse that I can think of.


Dakka bear is almost useless, but i would say not as useless as many of the other perks in moze’s skill tree, i would suggest changes for at least 5 of them before Dakka, but since this is a post about Dakka Bear, i second that petition, it really needs a rework.

Thread bump.

It’s probably not totally useless but it’s almost there.

I wonder what GB is planning to do with this skill. It has potential.

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