Pets get stuck in Konrad's Hold

Every time I’m in Konrad’s Hold my pets (regardless of pet) will stop moving. They don’t follow you, they don’t attack. Sometimes they will suddenly insta-warp to where you are and will re-join the fight. It happens mostly in the areas near the second and third vending machines but can happen anywhere in Konrad’s Hold.

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Pet ai can bug out anywhere really. The last time it happened to me was right before the red jabber in Ambermire

I’ve had it happen other places a well, but it’s very repeatable in Konrad’s Hold for me in the area I listed. It’s happened so far every time. It never did until I hit the area but can happen at any point after for me.

Our pets are a vital part of our build and their behavior drastically influences how battles turn out. It’s bad enough when they go and try to solo an entire map without us, them going completely unresponsive is close to game breaking for the Beastamster class.

The bad ai and low damage, FL4K does over 500 more melee at base lvl 50 than skag, are why most play fade or rakk and ignore pet. The only real pet build is to the pet to tank with leg mod which still works when they get stuck. Hopefully they get improvements in the future.

Weird I’ve had the same experience in the same place, OP. It happened elsewhere a couple times, but it stands out to me for that particular one as I’ve had trouble there a couple times

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That’s not “weird”, that’s called a repeatable bug. :slight_smile:
(and the entire reason I’m posting)
It’s not just a “me” thing. It’s not just you. It’s US, Fl4K builds. I hope they will address it.

Thank you for posting your similar experience!

I still hold for the most part our pets are walking stat modifiers. Thankfully, they made some changes that help prevent them from griefing us as they had been, pushing our characters off interactable objects and even cliffs (to our death).

Sadly I have to agree with you. I wanted to play the Beastmaster with a pet build but ya know…

It is not just the pet, take the suit from More, does as much damage as a couple of pistol shots, I actually hardly use the skill anymore.

My pet is becoming stuck in Cistern of Slaughter. Will not move or attack anything. Death will reset it, but you know, that’s not so very acceptable when you are solo trying to complete any of the circle of slaughter content.