Phantom, The Ghostly Assassin. (LLC Assassin)

My second Battleborn created, this time an LLC Ninja of sorts. It has no helix because I’m not very good at helixes. Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated.

Phantom, The Ghostly Assassin.

Bio: A dark, abiding figure, where he goes usually follows a swift death. He has never made an appearance outside of an assassination.
Faction: LLC
Background: It is believed that the LLC manufactured this monster, a supposed robo-soldier with an AI focused on the targets that his unknown employers give him. He appeared from nowhere, with Ninja-like abilities and a rather large kill count.

  • Assassin
  • Frail
  • Mobile
  • Advanced
  • Talent: LLC 107PHTM Armour: A suit manufactured and either given to or stolen by Phantom. He can upgrade it to increase his damage or mobility.
  • Weapon: Dāku: Dāku is Phantom’s blade, able to swung rapidly in a five hit combo for moderate damage.
  • Secondary Attack: After a Brief Pause, Phantom dashes whichever way he’s moving. Has a short cooldown.
  • Melee: A quick jab with the hilt of the blade.
  • Passive: A Ghost: Phantom’s move speed increases for each kill. Stacks to 5 and he loses half those stacks on death. (Rounding Down).
  • Ability 1: A Ninja: Phantom throws a Shuriken made of Electromagnetic energy forwards, damaging enemies in it’s path and applying bleed. At the end of the path, it explodes, dealing additional damage.
  • Ability 2: A Spectre: Phantom goes invisible for a short time, his next attack will end invisibility and initiate a three-hit chain.
  • Ultimate: From Shadows: Phantom throws down a smoke bomb, cloaking himself and spawning 4 “clones”. They spawn with the same current health as Phantom, but deal only 15% of all damage. They also can use Abilities 1 and 2. They swarm the closest enemy.
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I swear the amount of times I’m told this… You never get extensive feedback there and there is less of a chance of seeing the actual character itself. It is overall better to post in a seperate thread for better feedback, and chances of people actually seeing it.

knb is right.

Whatever, since the thread already started to derail, anybody have thoughts/comments about Phantom?

This has been my favorite character concept by far, thanks for making this & keep up the good work.

Seems like a good character to be used as a throwback to Zero. Nice.

@BaconianOne @flynngear Thank you for the compliments! Make sure to check out my other concept as well: Eve, the Varelsic Prophet.

To prevent him from feeling like too much of a clone, I feel that A Wraith should be tweaked. Not sure what to call it (maybe From Shadows), but he uses a smoke bomb and creates 4 clones while cloaking. These clones are significantly weaker than Deande’s clones and only deal 15% of Phantom’s damage. They swarm the closest target.

Then you could add a level 12 unlocked helix that causes early detonation if Phantom breaks stealth dealing up to 25% bonus detonation damage based on how early Phantom breaks stealth.

Zer0 you magnificent bastard, you survived to the end of the universe! But what’s with the Dead Space look of yer new armor?

Humor aside, nice design. :slight_smile: