Phase Reverse reverses me into the netherrealm

Description Summary: -When using Phase Reverse, I have once clipped into the floor, and another time reversed into a void where I spent the match falling.

Observed Results: -Using Phase Reverse after having taken damage on the map “Heart” place me within the floor, between levels of the stage. After moving around rapidly and using Rocket, I fell through the floor to the bottom level.

-Using Phase Reverse during a firefight while about to fall into a pit on the map “Quagmire” placed me in a black and grey/white void area. This was perhaps beneath the map, where I fell until the match ended. I was unsure if I would ever die, or slip back into the map.

Steps to Reproduce: I was unable to reproduce the result in the Dojo, as perhaps an enemy player needs to be present, Or I must be taking damage during the Phase.

Expected Results: I should Phase Reverse to my previous position on the map.

Build #: Closed Technical Test Build 23