Phase Reverse to stop fall death ends under map

When I’ve used Phase Reverse to keep from dying by falling into a pit, at the end of the reverse I end up under the map with no way to get back until the match ends.

It really sucks that this has happened every time I’ve been leading the match. This really needs to be corrected before it is abused. I’ve only had this happen to me on Quagmire. I’ve accidentally performed this twice in ranked, but have yet to replicate it in the dojo.

I’m having the opposite problem on the Dojo: the player insta-death wall occurs well before last chance to phase reverse. While this likely prevents the problem you’re having on Quagmire, it seriously nerfs the base skill for Dojo.

We are looking into the issue pf Phase Reverse putting you in an invalid position.

As a note though, if you fall in a pit and hit the kill volume, you have by definition passed the “last chance to phase reverse”. Once you are dead, your chance has passed. In the meantime, we are sorry this is hindering your ability to be competitive in the Dojo.

I wasn’t concerned about not being able to phase back from death. It was more that in two ranked matches I ended up phasing prior to hitting the death point and ended under the level. Thus giving no chance for me to continue to play nor giving my opponent (in this case) a chance to win.