Phasecast build suggestion request

Are there any decent phasecast general builds that might include mobbing and moderate boss fighting mix?

Most of the builds I’ve seen focus on slam or grasp, and other than a few very niche boss videos, I haven’t seen cast used for much.

I see a lot of anointed weapons with “after phasecast, this weapon becomes badass” on it, but just can’t seem to figure out the player loop and talents.


I did most of my TVHM playthrough on M2 with a build like this: klick me

Depending on preference and scenario you can run any of the phasecast variances with either soul sap or stillnes of mind. You can interchange Tier 1 and 2 skills depending on preference. Like going for more CDR instead of Alacrity. Same goes for the stuff leading up to Avatar.

Green tree is a mix of gun dmg buff and survivability and red tree for the obvious elemental dmg boost. Gearwise you most likely want/need a phasezerker for it.


I use something similar to this.

DiligentDiamond - Twitch

Here’s some gameplay of it. I’m in 5760x1080 so might need to zoom in a little.

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Wow you weren’t kidding that’s some wide screen!!!

Also, are you using the Mario Bros gun?

Yes got a lvl 47 with after action skill use does 250% more damage and since the build is applying status effects for more dps and i have 2 action skills to use its a nice synergy.

Also using the class mode “Always Angry” which gives full stacks after action skill use and it adds 5 stacks bringing my stack max to 25 after every action skill use. Damage buffs get very high and remnant with that adds alot of dps. Can’t wait to fill out the guardian ranks to add to that.

I am not a melee fan, and I don’t want to play Amara as Maya 2.0, so I have been using Phasecast as my Action Skill. I ended up with a Mystical Assault/Fist of the Elements build. It looks like this. It isn’t really a Mobbing build, since it doesn’t really have Crowd Control, but frankly, nothing is going to beat a Ties That Bind build there. It does get great single target damage with Laid Bare + Wrath + Transcend, though, so tough targets fall quickly, and the rest isn’t much trouble.

Thanks for the input. I’ma look at this. Yours is the second build that doesn’t include talents in Cool down. Is there something about that mechanic I’m missing?

I’m actually still on the fence about that. Most people tell me that Restless only knocks about a second off, so I’m better off putting my points elsewhere, so that’s what I went with here. Unfortunately, I have no idea if this remains the case if you aren’t spending Guardian Tokens, and no one can tell me, as you can’t turn off Guardian Rank bonuses once you have them. And I don’t have any intention of ever spending any tokens. Since I can’t assume you’re like me, I put the points elsewhere, but your mileage may vary.