Phasegrasp cheese

I’m wondering how many people abuse this mechanic to trigger buffs or stack rush. I’m almost positive its unintended and I see “OP build” videos all the time with people making over use of this. I tend to avoid these things lest I start relying on them. I don’t want to set myself up for a bad time reading patch notes XD

I’m of the belief that it is unintended, I can’t fathom how something like that can be intended. In saying that, I run a Phasezerker because it’s the most beneficial COM and a Phasegrasp action skill, and the stacking bug really gets to me. I try to avoid it, but the Phasegrasp hitbox is less forgiving than Maya’s Phaselock is so sometimes I miss and things start happening.

I don’t run Avatar nor deliberately abuse the stacking bug, and I can say with confidence that you wont be setting yourself for a bad time if/when it gets fixed. The interactions between TTB, Do Harm, and the Phasezerker’s unique effect are really strong without the stacking silliness. I don’t think anyone will be overly disappointed or upset whenever a patch rolls out, and I encourage you to try those interactions for yourself to see how they work. You’ll understand then.


I stopped using the phasezerker COM weeks ago because of it. I would test a weapon and came to the conclusion that every single weapon is good with the build. I even respec’d and only put points in Do Harm, Cool down, went far enough to grab TTB, and out the rest in toughness skills. I then went into SS with a white and green pistol. I prestacked to 99 Do Harm and could still kill a large group, just with more shots rather than one or two.

I use a breaker COM now with points in personal space and jab cross. I toss out a melee every 10 seconds to keep the buff up.

Just don’t put any points in do harm if you want to use phasezerker…

You honestly don’t even need to stack up Harm, Ties is insane enough on its own to melt everything linked by the time you kill the BA or anointed grasped anyway. Bare makes it even sillier as does natural 15-25 Harm. Spend 10 seconds stacking it and things die in one shot instead of two, whopdie-do!

I don’t use it either. Amara is plenty good with out it.

Lucky for us Amara mains every build is basicly a good build.

I don’t think GBX will nerf any kind of her abilities mostly because 90% of the skills are balanced…
want to have op damage? less HP, less CC, ecc ecc
want to have more cc? less dps

the only things i can see being nerfed are some anointed bonuses that give her a whole lot of damage like the one that adds 250% of weapon dps every time she uses the phasecast.
plus GBX said that they are preatty happy on how Amara turned out to be in game and she’s going to have the least amount of buff or nerfs for now

She also the only one without a “pet” so balance is easier.

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I use a dead phasegrasp sometimes to make my Tsunami do nuclear damage, but only because it’s there and easier than picking a target. Then I pick a target for Fist Over Matter.

Yeah phasegrasp should def go into cooldown in my opinion.Not that I care or anything but you miss with your other skills and you wait for the cooldown,so from that standpoint.Yeah.

I don’t think it should go on cool down, the buffs just shouldn’t activate.

Phasegrasp, like Maya’s Phaselock, can be finicky sometimes and miss. In BL2 the skill reset and no skills or buffs were activated. Just change than and it fixes the issue.

It is nice to hear that lots of the people hear on the forums don’t attempt to take advantage of this. I personally tried to do a Phasecast build that worked in all of Mayhem 3 but started having trouble in the Slaughter Shaft and Slaughter Star. It was disappointing to see the power difference when placed against mostly Badass enemies. In the end I turned to Ties that Bind. I find it a tad annoying how many of Amaras Skill triggers are bugged or less then functional when mixing skills across trees.

Going on CD would definitely not be ideal. However the new reduced re trigger delay in addition to the range increases had just farther extended the gap between the best and worst action skill variants Amara has.

Quality of life changes are great and all but I would rather see the skills that are currently buggy or un balanced fixed first. Phasegrasp seems to have gotten the most attention out of all of her skills which begs the question is there actually much of a point to having really awful skills that Tandava and Fracture which are hard to hit with and or slow while also lacking the kind of power one would expect. Heck Fracture dosen’t even trigger Amara’s Allure action skill augment while skills like Ties that Bind have unique triggers and synergies with Mythical Assult tree skills and Augments.

I’m not even going to start on Samsaras not triggering from half of the mythical Assult trees action skills.

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Hopefully the upcoming 50-60-70 day patch that actually has performance fixes to skills that aren’t working to their fullest will fix some of the issues.Strange thing is phaselock is also triggering Helping Hands and Find Your Center.They should fix that too since its the same like stack abusing or whatever.So yeah there are a lot of things to be worked on.

Why strange? It works as intended.

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It can be abused just like the stacks with artificial/fake grasping for 100% uptime.
Im feeling that I have to explain everything in this forum in extreme detail for someone to get ahold of a topic.We are on the topic of cheese,yes?

Helping Hands will no proc again if active, so you can’t abuse it.
And yes, they should change it to activate all bonusses only if you hit enemy with Phasegrasp.

True but still one of those reasons phasegrasp is so good,easy proc off everything.Low cooldown,no penalty for missing with multiple cc is making the other skills less desirable unless you’re running a specific anointed gear build.