PhaseGrasp is trash!?

Can someone tell me if it’s that trash or if I’m doing something wrong?
Seriously you need to be at the same ground level of the enemy AND have 0 obstructions in your path to be able to phasegrasp the enemy… and if this is the way it was intended, why? Seriously this make the power pretty much useless… wich is sad.
I was very sad when I saw Amara would have a power that was PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING Maya had in the past game, sincerely it was a wasted pontential, for me this idea should’ve been trashed away and the developement team should’ve came with a new thing, but ok it’s here now, I won’t be mad about it, specially because you can choose between 3 powers(wich is totally awesome), but one of them is pretty much useless…


I don’t like it’s lack of Range compared to Maya’s, and it has odd delay if used while turning imo, and bad registration for which target it locks, small issues that just make it worse than Maya’s,b ut apart from that I don’t mind it.

I mainly went down that skill tree as playing with 4 ppl you really need the crowd control to deal with badasses and the perks are not too bad imo.

I agree it they could of had a 3rd unique ability but all in all because Amara is all about damage really, in terms of her other abilities, I don’t mind the one support ability.


I don’t think it is trash but it definitely is a bit wonky. I wish they just replicated Maya’s skill fully and I’d have been fine with that.

Time Delay: Maya’s skill seemed to be instant when I press the button. When I play Amara it seems there is a bit of a delay. I’m thinking it is just animation delay for the hand to actually go and come out of the ground to ‘grasp’ the enemy but either way it is noticeable.

Targeting: Never had problems aiming the Phase ability with Maya but with Amara it seems bad. A lot of the times the enemy won’t even Grasp and the ability will be refunded and not used. It cancels out for some reason. On Maya I could jump up and do a backflip and do a 360 and aim in .1 seconds and the skill would go off. With Amara if I just move side to side really fast or am jumping in the air or something the skill doesn’t go leaving me to usually stay in place for a hot second and actually “aim” like if I am using a gun at the specific target THEN carefully fire off my Phase Grasp ability.

Again, this ability is wonky and working in an odd way, to me personally, and it just feels like Maya took a step backward instead of this being Maya2.0. With that said I’m having a blast and have played Flak/Moze/Amara for a good portion of the game so far and Amara PhaseGrasp is definitely going to be my main. So much fun and has a really nice quick charge time/delay so I Grasp as soon as it is up and decimate whole waves of enemies without breaking a sweat.


It does need some tweaking, at the very least. My issues with it is that it puts enemies just out of proper melee range when Grasped, the most you can do is jab at their legs, let along reach their critical spots, so if you’re running a melee focused Amara you’re out of luck unless you get the skill that boosts your melee range. Also while it deals damage to enemies who can’t be Grasped, I do think its a bit of a waste that it can be elementally charged from the get-go, but you can’t do direct damage with it unless you flesh out most of the skill tree for the damaging skill modifier.

yep, they need to make this feel better but throwing up a guy with the travel to new target version and blasting him with a radiation shotgun then 3 other random ones in a few seconds feels pretty good.

Short CD to make it effortless to kill 4 guys because of the reload refresh and those 4 might explode killing more because wtfever shotgun I got its a maliwan blue that fires a single rocket with no charge time but has more than triple the elemental dmg per second of my next best at like 330~ @ lvl 20 with 75% infect chance so lots of radiation explosions for lethal damage to infected. If I use my pistol, they don’t explode but its still 4 less guys to worry about.

The green tree skill that draws the line has a lot of zoning utility for solo play in close/mid range and does more vs bosses… but grasp is pretty good and if I had enough SP I could prolly make element spread and explosions just a part of it but radiation is good enough for now.

If exploders or badasses ever become a problem, I’ll be glad I have this. Its also the only Action Skill that using an augment other than the heal doesn’t feel so bad.

Phasegrasp is the lowest cooldown amara action skill. (16 seconds)
Amara has a fairly early skill in her melee tree that gives 60%!!! global damage reduction (ALL damage) on action skill activation for 15 seconds. gz you just unlocked easy mode.

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“Damage reduction” only affects kinetic damage IIRC. All other sources of damage (elemental) aren’t mitigated by this skill.

edit: I tried googling it and nothing came up - source for the damage reduction statement would be great then i can go from there.
edit2: I checked my rough rider shield and it specifically uses the same tag “damage reduction (i.e. reduces incoming damage)” which leads me to believe its not just kinetic since rough rider would be complete garbage in that case. So either it really means all damage on both occasions or the tags are inconsistent - again source would be great.

I see thats my bad then. Is there a comprehensive list on the game mechanics floating around somewhere yet?

In particular the interactions with frozen enemies - used to increase explosion but since that doesnt exist anymore i guess it works with splash now? Didnt test it. No dummies either - cba rn.

I made some tests when I started playing her. I thought it was a bug or my testing method was flawed but then I read somewhere on reddit that this is intended. Can’t remember the topic title but if I stumble across it again I’ll link it here.

would be greatly appreciated cheers

Why not just grab the phase locking augment down the mystic assault tree? I’ve been using it with phase slam with stellar results.

It doesn’t say that in the description. I wonder if there is any tests out there to prove otherwise.

the worst part is her other abilities are absolute trash

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Yeah it is pretty bad at the moment but still her best AS. It got hit with that fake grasp nerf and now she is actually just the worst at bossing with a grasp build! I used to main her but now I main moze because IB is just better then anything she has in general…


Flare is clunky. Cast can be Pretty strong but has a longer cool down then grasp and is basically single target, basically good for bossing and not much else in general. And Slam is low damage for the cooldown and just the worst AS in the game. I toyed with lots of builds using each and slam was only ever used to maybe get a kill on weakened enemies or trigger annoints…

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the main purpose of her AS it seems is to proc anointments so disappointed

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They could make slam good one way. Give it a singularity effect and greatly increased damage, like enough to one shot next to any badass unmodified. Twice the radius on all variants wouldn’t hurt either. If IB gets to deal millions with next to no investment then Slam should be a literal nuke with amaras fists dealing more then Mozes actual nukes! Fair is fair if you ask me and it would actually make playing a slam Amara fun and rewarding…

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