Phaseslam Amara - ideas to improve her

I’m a big fan of Phaseslam Amara, I just think there needs to be a couple of fundamental tweaks to her skills to make it a more viable playstyle.

a) This is my most urgent suggestion: make Phaseslam count as melee damage. This would be an immediate improvement as slam artifacts would be activated. This would also mean that a cutpurse would work just with phaseslam. It would also work with Jab Cross, making the green tree more attractive.

b) Decrease the cooldown time from 35 seconds. Phaseslam is a skill that just wants to be used repeatedly, so a more appropriate cooldown of say, <20 seconds (with other passives and GR bringing this down further). This would make the blue tree less important, diversifying builds further.

c) Make Phaseslam do actual damage. Damage will be increased if a) is implemented, but base damage needs to scale to Mayhem requirements.

If these three things were changes, Phaseslam Amara would be an absolute beast to rival TTB/Grasp Amara.

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Hopefully they will address this stuff going forward.

Also, make the animation faster OR make you invulnerable during the animation. Getting killed mid slam is a nightmare.

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It is, but there needs to bersome jeopardy in the game with Amara :slight_smile: