Phaseslam Build M10?

Anybody having any luck with phaseslam on M10? I basically bought this game for the combination of Phaseslam and Blitz and have begrudgingly been using TTB since mayhem 2.0. Tried moving back to phaseslam after the recent patch but I am getting wrecked by basic enemies and can’t do a lick of damage. I have 300/90 hellshock, 300/90 x2 yellowcake, a 50/150 opq and some sand hawks. Phasezerker with pearl of ineffable and as far as shields I’ve been trying a few but idk which to use. I’ve tried a bunch of different skill specs but I’m lost there too. Any help would be appreciated.

Melee with phaseslam works great! Although ttb is better you can get some absolutely stupid numbers with the phaseslam annoints

Ahh I see so just need more of those 200% Anoints. But I also die super quickly?

My build is basically just melee I run around punching mobs and bosses it’s a lot of fun!
Phaseslam with the heal and element best suited for activity

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Right on I will give that a try. Thank you much!

Sweet. What gear do you go with? It seems like there’d be two shields worth going with - Brawler Ward +Phaseslam anoint, Frozen Heart shield effect ASA - and then the Breaker mod and Unleash the Dragon relic?

I use a brawlers with 100 melee, and a hydra frost with 300/90
Breaker for ttb Golden rule for phaseslam
I use unleash depending on the zone or boss
If not a knife drain planetoid
Grenade I use w.e xD

I was just thinking of the Hydrafrost with that anointment for this build. Are you on PlayStation? For grenade, I was thinking of the Quasar. Draw your enemies together then SLAM.

Yes I am

Sweet, I’ve added you. Is there any chance you could dupe me some gear? I’m planning on getting on later and either trying your build or this one:

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I’m having similar issues. Can’t get the cooldown low enough to do decent damage with phaseslam. I’ve tried using different coms, mainly phasezerker, golden rule, and breaker. Phasezerker works best, but even with it there’s too much time between uses of phaseslam.

I’m not sure whether to focus on elemental/gun damage or melee damage along with phaseslam. Melee basically requires a breaker, and is actually better with TTB. But I’m just so bored of that playstyle. So I’m at a loss.

I’m using facepuncher, white elephant and unforgiven.

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I think the best way to regen action skill is probably Topped Off. If you take the Frozen Heart shield with shield effect on action skill then you should have no trouble freezing your enemies during Slam and benefitting from the melee damage boost (+melee does 300% against frozen targets). You can then have Phaseslam/melee anoints or the 300/90 anoint (which does apply to melee) on your weapons. Your overall melee damage wouldn’t be as high as with the Brawler Ward but you’d get your action skill and trigger anoints more often so it’s a trade-off.

I don’t yet have a Frozen Heart ASA but I’m looking forward to getting one so all this is currently theoretical. I think the reality is that TTB probably has more/easier damage potential but I trust we can find rewarding and satisfying Phaseslam loop if we keep working at it. I’m looking forward to doing some testing tonight.

I think overall Phaseslam’s timer could be a problem since we’re unlikely to be able to combine it with Topped Off. It’s also a one and done skill so a 35 second timer when things like Gamma Burst, Barrier and Digi-Clone all have less is quite a long time. If I could, I would make it a 25 second cooldown — still lengthy fir the duration of the campaign but not so penalised in endgame.

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I’ve been using Fracture plus the Ps annoint’s
And the cool down is like 7 maybe 8 seconds
With 4 points in restless. Only other CDR is on my com and topped off

Also years frozen heart is fun really encourages the blitz playstyle

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Yeah I think I’m gonna do a similar thing, but definitely with the Slam. It just seems more fun to me. If the cooldown is that short then I could probably forgo Avatar and go deeper into the red tree, or just take some more survival in green. It’ll probably never be able to take on Wotan but it’ll still be great fun if I can get it to work.

This build works really well -

I had a blast using Phaseslam and doing plenty of damage, surviving just fine and doing plenty of damage. Trying different gear, I ended up using the Frozen Heart with shield effect ASA with the Breaker mod and Unleash the Dragon. I was keeping my shield up, getting Phaseslam back quick, freezing people with it and blasting through the mobs. The Facepuncher made quick work of shields but armour took longer. It’ll probably never beat a Takedown but I haven’t had such a fun time with melee in ages.

My gear could do with improving. Unleash the Dragon has the right bonuses but is lv.50, Breaker could do with more points in Jab Cross (though the rolls are practically perfect) and my Facepuncher has a Fl4k anointment. The Frozen Heart, however, really puts in the work. Everything freezes and that a) protects you and b) gives a big melee boost (+300% melee against frozen targets).

Edit: Just played a little bit more, having switched it off inbetween, and forgot that the cooldown is initially shorter immediately after you respec. The Phaseslam cooldown felt soooo long and it really ruined the fun. Hope GB gives it a buff soon, it’s such a killjoy.

I just tried Phaseslam with the 300/90 anointment and I think they synchronise. I didn’t test it enough but the damage certainly felt/looked higher than it did yesterday. Can anyone confirm?

Edit: Confirmed. 300/90 is able to quadruple the damage of Phaseslam :grin:

So how much damage did you manage to get on a single phaseslam (base version with shock)?
Activating jabcross +5 , 300vs90, laidbare +3 , max rush stack with Avatar and a phaseserker com
I managed to get 35 m on Traunt m10 shield bar

23 m with 200splash anoint

I doubt that is the best possible but that is all I managed for now

Doesn’t splash damage contribute? Get Arms Deal and then splash damage on your mod and you’ll push it even further.

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already have

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