Phaseslam Build M10?

Nice. What’s your overall build. I’ve got a pretty sweet melee build that has no problem with the new DLC but I’m not sure if it could take Wotan.

Well I am mostly curious to see how far one can push phaseslam damage
For general usability I added a stinger shield and the nova can sometimes one shot Traunt if timed well after a huge phaseslam

Nice. I’ve put a lot of work into my own and this is where it currently stands:

For gear I have the Phasezerker (cooldown, splash, melee), Unleash the Dragon (melee, incendiary damage), Frozen Heart (shield ASA), grenade doesn’t really matter. Then for guns you basically want melee attachments and a Facepuncher on hand for enemies your fists can’t reach, then a decent corrosive weapon for armour. Anointments: 300/90, Phaseslam melee.


  • The 300/90 anointment is one of the cornerstones of this build. It can apply to both Phaseslam and melee. With 300/90 melee, the Unleash the Dragon DOT becomes extremely powerful while the Phaseslam delivers quadruple whenever the enemy has full health.
  • Another cornerstone of this build is the Frozen Heart ASA. I was fortunate enough to get it after beating up Aurelia for half an hour and it’s so powerful I had people seeking me out to get a copy. As soon as you trigger Phaseslam, a cryo nova blasts out across a wide area and freezes practically everything in reach, including airborne foes. Not only does this stop them attacking you but also grants a hefty melee damage multiplier when striking said frozen foes.
  • The single point in Sustainment is really nice as it means you can skip skills like Clarity and Samsara entirely and, in this case, go for Arms Deal (splash damage contributes to Phaseslam) and more points in Root to Rise/One with Nature. This is further boosted by Soul Sap which also benefits your friends in co-op. The cherry on top is Guardian Angel so if, by some freak chance, your enemy manages to take you down it won’t be for long. Poor them.
  • For the mod, I go with the Phasezerker for the inherent cooldown bonus. This combined with full points in Restless means our Phaseslam comes back quick and whenever that happens we will a) freeze stuff with our Frozen Heart ASA, b) trigger anointments (if you are going with Phaseslam melee), c) reset the timer on Find Your Centre and Helping Hands so they can practically be up all the time.
  • The other mod I was tempted by is the Breaker. The additional point in Find Your Centre improves the melee damage slightly but is additive and after Blitz, Illuminated Fist, melee attachments and your original point in FYC, not too noticeable. I found the Phasezerker better since it can trigger Phaseslam more often, along with its bonuses.
  • With the number of things we have adding to Phaseslam, it hits for multiple millions per hit. Jab Cross, 300/90, 15 stacks of Do Harm, Arms Deal, splash damage from my Phasezerker rolls, the list goes on…
  • If someone was wanting a melee build for Fracture, this would work just fine since the 300/90 anointment will still work. I just prefer the Slam for how fun it is.

So far I’m pretty happy with the build. I tweaked it quite a lot through the DLC and by the end it was blazing through mobs and had little trouble against the Ruiner. As for endgame content, I suspect it will be fine in the Cistern of Slaughter and possibly the Maliwan one but I fear for it against Takedowns and the COV slaughter. Still, for someone looking for an M10 melee build which wasn’t abusing any “exploits,” I’m pretty happy.


@EldeeFifty this is my build :+1:

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Mobbing with Phaseslam M10 (My Take)

This is what I use for mobbing on M10. Gear and build can be seen in the first minute before the rounds start.

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I started an M10 phaseslam build a while back, and found this thread shortly after I started, and thought I’d share my take. I’ve used this to clear scaled MTD a couple of times now, but haven’t tried TTD. I’m not expecting that this build will do well in GTD at all, but I may try it if I can somehow clear MTTD.

I’ve been using it with 300/90 Facepuncher, Linoge and Slam200 Facepuncher, Linoge. I tend to(and by “tend to”, I mean “not on Wotan”) use the Breaker, a White Elephant, and an ASS Frozen Heart. On Wotan, I used a Phasezerker, White Elephant, and an ASS Stinger. I used a Fish Slap like I always do for these melee builds.

At any rate, this is my first “build”. Please feel free to rip it apart/question everything. I tried specing to Sustainment, but found I much prefer having Avatar and Remnant. It’s cool to see multiple remnant orbs take off after you slam in the middle of a group.

Anyway, just sharing what works for me, so far!

Looks like an alright build. I would suggest:

  • Seeing if you get 5 points into Arms Deal since each point there will boost your slam.
  • If you can, try to get a Knife Drain White Elephant. That will give you great life steal and allow you to move some of your survival skills into more aggressive ones, e.g. the aforementioned Arms Deal.
  • Violent Tapestry is normally considered quite a weak skill. I would keep 1 point there for the sake of sustaining Rush stacks and move 3 points to Awakening to further increase your action skill damage through Do Harm.
  • I am not a fan of Anima because of it increases the strength of status effects against you as well and can lead to your death. I would just take 5 points in Infusion and leave Anima out of it.
  • For com, I have found the Phasezerker to be better than the Breaker for its action skill damage (boost Do Harm and action skill cooldown). Ideal rolls would be melee, splash damage (boosts Phaseslam) and action skill damage.
  • You mention a 200 Facepuncher. If you find a 300 Phaseslam weapon damage one it will be more powerful.
  • Fish Slap can be fun. Once we got to lv.65 it will fall away though so I’d suggest an It’s Piss for debuffing stronger enemies. Really though, you basically want to use your grenade for an anointment which gives you an element after action skill as that also applies to melee.

Thanks for the input!

When tweaking the spec, I need to put one point in Clarity, Samsara, One with Nature, or Vigor in order to unlock the Jab Cross tier. Which would be a better spot for that point? (I opted for OwN and I guess I can swap Revelation for Soul Sap if I think I need some more regen)

UPDATE: I just killed (scaled) Anathema! Before the tweaks you suggested @damien_hine, I couldn’t clear the crystals without getting overwhelmed.

I’ve been using

Fracture, Soul Sap
Redundant Face-puncher, 300% Phaseslam weapon damage
Brawler Ward, 200% Phaseslam melee damage
Recurring Hex, cryo, +50% elemental damage ASE
Muse, +3 Illuminated Fist, +2 Jab Cross, +melee, +action skill cooldown, +magazine size
Elemental Stone Commander Planetoid, +melee x2, +action skill cooldown

Able to beat the DLC4 boss in a couple of minutes. One-shots mobs.


You could take 3 points from Restless and put them in Transcend. If you have the guardian perk ‘topped off’ you won’t have an issue with cooldown and the stickies from a white elephant can crit and get the bonus.

I use a low level Brawler Ward to break easily for the Roid damage so I’m not making any use of Topped Off (and I know about the re-spec bug, but I don’t like to use it and I don’t want to re-spec every session just to abuse it).

And I don’t use White Elephants. I prefer higher damage on the initial shot. Most things die in 1 shot so the stickies are wasted, and even those that take 2 shots will die quicker from 2 quick shots than 1 shot and waiting for the explosion.

It has its use on bosses I guess, and I do have a White Elephant if I really want to kill them a few seconds quicker, but I don’t think it’s worth building around it.

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My phaseslam melee amara uses a frozen heart, knifedrain white elephant, breaker with 4 in jab cross and 1 in find your centre. Melee and splash passives on the com and artifact.