Phaseslam build question

I am a Moze main and have been since way before day one. However, my main in bl2 was Maya. I’ve always enjoyed the siren mechanics and concept, but this game I couldn’t get into it with phase grasp.

With the recent balance changes, I’ve become interested in trying a siren again (don’t tell our short mechanic this! She doesn’t like being cheated on! I’ve hidden this post from her, please keep it between us!!!)

I recognize that ties that bind is the best build possible for her, but is there a working phase slam build I could try? It doesn’t have to be entirely melee or use broken game mechanics. I’m interested mostly in a combination build where you swap between punching and shooting and don’t heavily rely on a single mechanic or weapon.


Edit: most builds online seem to revolve around showing off insane math loopholes that make her 1 and 2 shot enemies. I got her to 60, gave her some good guns I’d saved on Moze, and copied a ties that bind build. I lost interest quite fast because the loop was so simple and I just couldn’t enjoy it. And also my gaming partner found it less fun because I was lifting entire waves in slaughter and killing them with one shot. So even with opq system double barrel Zane, my friend was just kinda watching.

Here’s a thing that’s like the thing you asked about.


Melee Phaseslam Amara is a lot of fun .

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I would add that the build in the video is for max phaseslam damage using jab cross and do harm, along with the 300/90 anointment. Getting up to around 14m damage from the phaseslam. Overkill and groundbreaker guardian perks boost other damage.