Phasezerker Amara and Restless (Spoilers, it's bad.)

Hi everyone! I just realized something quite interesting with the help of @PerfectLuck

Anyways, if you’ve been running any variation of the Phasezerker build such as this one here :wink:, or any variations of it, you may have put your points into Restless. It’s 25% increased cooldown reduction and who wouldnt want that ?

Well, combined with the Phasezerker giving you 250% cdr on it’s own, that 25% turns out to be around a mere second, even less if you have more cdr gear and points in your guradian tree.

Put your 3/5 points in Transcend as I have and stick the other 2 wherever you please. I’ll probably be putting mine in Alacrity.


I posted this in another topic but will repost here since it applies and more people can see it:

From what testing I did (and I do have a 7% reduction from guardian ranks of that makes a difference in numbers other people would get)

And also a 31% cooldown reduction on my phasezerker mod:

Phasecast w/ no skill points or mod (so just guardian rank at work here) -23.5 seconds

phasecast w/ my phasezerker mod (remember 31% cooldown buff on it) - 19 seconds

Phasecast w/ avatar and the buff s from mod-
14 seconds

Phasecast w/ avatar and buffs from mod and restless - 13 seconds

Now here is the tricky part for some reason cooldown on your relic seemed to give more than restless. I had a relic with 20% cooldown so removed restless from the above test and replaced it with that and it was now 11 seconds.

Then as one final test I added restless back along with the relic and everything else and the cooldown dropped another second to 10.

I found something interesting while running my own tests. When applying those CDR modifiers the engine doesn’t check if the item/skill the bonus comes from is still equipped/active. You can unequip your gear and respec and still have parts of it active. You need to restart the game before running another test with a different setup. Or you could abuse this mechanic.