Phasezerker build, feeling like a glass canon. Where do you get your defense?

Currently running a phasegrasp build and I am dealimg stupid damage in M 10, But a lot of enemies will one shot me into FFYL. The obvious answer seems to be to put more points into the green tree but I don’t ever see that in any posted builds. So where is everyone getting their survivability?

Guns: opq, recursion, lob, yellowcake (mostly with 300/90 and 2x when applicable)
Other: Transformer (cryo ASE)
hunter seeker (Rad ASE)
phasezerker (28% weapon damage, 35% shotgun damage)


remove anima and place it somewhere else , grab from rest and remnant as well , dont put more than 1 point on rush stacks skill , youre dying because anima increase every single attacks with dot which include mobs attack. also bring reflux or bs so u can have easy heal

This piece of advice is correct - unless you are running ties that bind.

If running TTB, the skill Do Harm should be 5/5. It increases the damage shared amongst the grasped and tied enemies (not the initial shot damage).

For more defense, you could try a Stop-Gap with the “action skill start trigger shield break/fill effects“ anointment. Every time you grasp you will get 5 seconds of invincibility. You do lose an ASE damage buff, but maybe you’ll prefer the survivability.

I only have 2/5 in sustainment and that keeps me alive, as long as you’re doing damage you should be good, if you are struggling try the soul sap augment, also second the guys above too much anima can be a bad thing, what com are you using by the way ? If you use a driver be wary of the self dot with anima :+1:

Edit: apologies I seen you were using soul sap already

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Best defense is to get your action skill back fast ,so cdr on both classmod and artefact is the way to go , if you have only in classmod get some point in blue tree cdr.
2nd best thing is to get a +2700 health on classmod or artefact.
last stand artifact and 2 or 3 point from classmod in clarity helps too , watch out for fire damage ( you take same damage as ennemies from fire on health bar so +175% ) also keep 4 or 5 in sustainment cause grenades like recurring hex can help you regen when you cant shoot the ennemy , also a quasar grenade makes a lot of badass ennemies stop shooting
If you use a kinetic weapon like the opq system put 1 point in infusion so you are sure to lifesteal as soon as you hit ennemies ( or only the special effect from the opq system the shock aoe will lifesteal )

Take the point out of Dread and put it into Remnant.

Sustainment is all you really need to stay alive, at M10, even a single shot of an elemental weapon should be enough to bring you from an empty to a full health bar… TTB and Stillness of Mind should give you the necessary crowd control - I don’t recommend a Fakegrasp exclusive build unless you are running Driver. You seem to have all the tools for a really strong build, so my advice to you would be to play a little more slowly. Amara has no momentum based skills, so you can really take your time to play strategically.

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honestly it make 0 difference in terms of gameplay , recursion 1 shot everything anyway

Would it suggest to put 0 points into Anima?

its fine either way , it just anima can kill u very easily

One of the biggest survivability factors is simply crowd control. Ties That Bind & Stillness of Mind or the singularity augment (drawing a blank on the name) allow sustainment & DOTs & indiscriminate to do their thing well. I like keeping a quasar around to go with it. Old Maya players know what’s up.

If you’re already doing stupid damage, you might want to try the Stone COM. You’ll probably want more cooldown to go with it, but IMO it’s a good alternative. It tanks legit. My first runs through the slaughter shaft on Mayhem 10 featured it. It’s not really a bossing COM (usually switch to a driver or zerker for Wotan, etc), but for mob tanking it definitely does the job. Doing a little health stacking also works well with it, with at least 2 points in sustainment. You want to get the most out of that damage reduction.

To be honest though, Amara is not great at being a glass cannon. That’s not to say she can’t do stupid damage, only that her damage only really translates to survivability via sustainment - which is great, yes, but Fl4k (for instance) can get actual seconds of cooldown back on crit (iirc), regain ammo on crit, etc. Not to mention they can set up for actual absurdly high damage single-shots or incredibly quick high damage stacking, and has pets & fadeaway for aggro relief. Zane as another example has the seein’ dead & the barrier and can directly translate damage to survivability in more than one way, & also has aggro relief.

Amara isn’t really set up that way. She likes high fire rates, short reloads, and extra projectiles. She needs high damage numbers still flying around even while reloading and cooling down, for Sustainment to pull its weight. She needs crowd control.

The hyperfocus seems to have fallen off a little in DPS for mayhem 2.0, but the kaoson would be a good addition to the build. The stickies do damage during a reload, and the bullets reflect with indiscriminate & then explode. Basically, for all but light to medium density mobs, you will need damage output even when you’re not pulling the trigger. The OPQ is great, but I’ve found it puts me down way more than I like. Amara gets so much out of extra elements (aka, bonus elemental projectiles), and that makes the OPQ a bit risky. The recursion is good, but an ammo hog. The lob and the yellowcake are great, but there’s way too many “holes” in their damage output, which nerfs Sustainment, and down you go.

I love the double-down shield with her. She gets a ton of survivability out of its perks. Maybe try adding that to the mix.

I’m using a similar build, TTB with stillness of mind and a 300v90 recursion pretty much nukes everything, and sustain keeps me alive. I use healy avenger and buddy system as my mayhem mods, they actually make the recursion better, especially when the cartel guys drop in :smile:

Also, I went all in to splash (damage and radius) and AoE on my com and artifact, since my other weapons are a Kaoson, an OPQ, and a Yellowcake, the increase in kill speed is noticeable, and I think the expanded AoE radius probably helps keep me alive with more sources of sustain. I’m doing the cutpurse fishslap thing for ammo, it actually works pretty well, just need to get a better anoint on my fish.

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Most enemies can’t one-shot you into FFYL: you are doing this to yourself with AoE or barrels in all liklihood. Amara thrives on life steal, so you should always be above 1/2 health, and in that case, you cannot get dropped into FFYL by all but a tiny handful of enemies.

Notably, the OPQ can be kind of a nightmare for Amara: the shock novas, when combined with on ASE +element anoints, will proc a lot, and they will down you all the time. And thanks to the magic of Indiscriminate, one of the best skills in the game, they will often ricochet to an enemy close enough to catch you in the AoE.

This obviously applies to the Yellowcake as well: indiscriminate procs on that bad boy and few things are as scary as the sight of a Yellowcake shot headed straight for you. It will down you unless your reactions are absolutely on point.

Try something like a Kaoson - it does splash (which is stupid powerful with TTB) and it does NOT self-damage.

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Wait, what? Are you saying throwing Fishslap triggers the melee of cutpurse? Does it proc other melee abilities?

It certainly procs cutpurse, not sure about other melee abilities. It’s the only way I’m able to really spam the recursion over long fights like the Slaughter Shaft, I just toss a bouncing fishslap into a crowd and often mostly refill my shotgun ammo in a toss or two.

Huh, I haven’t been having that problem with the OPQ on Amara, though I do wear a Transformer on mine, it’s my Mindsweeper Moze that’s the suicide girl with that gun, Transformer or not cause I can’t find a decent MS without Fire in the Skag Den adding fire to all my splash, lol. I’ve actually kind of replaced the OPQ in my build with a corrosive Sandhawk while I’m running the Jackpot, I like it enough I might permanently change over, I really like it for nuking stubborn lone enemies.

I haven’t played M2.0 but back in M3 and M4 I use to use a Stop Gap, Knife Drain Otto Idol, along with Phasecast. I had ASE 50% Cryo damage so all my guns could freeze enemies and blast them with Phasecast for massive damage.

The nice thing about frozen enemies is they take 300% melee damage. While the damage may be negligible on M3 and 4 the healing though Knife drain was not! I had both find your center and illuminated Fist tho illuminated Fist was a bit overkill. My punches would often heal me a ton even If a target wasn’t frozen. In addition I put point in to Clarity because I was able to maintain around 50% up time due to low Phasecast CDs.

The Stop Gap and Mindfulness combo also gives you a good safety net to keep your hp up and give you time to regen shields.

It was an unconventional set up but it worked very well and got only more powerful when they added more skill points letting me get down to Guardian angel giving me yet another safety net for places like the Maliwan Takedown.

The issue with that is it won’t do enough damage on M10 to actually kill anything quickly enough. It would be an OK setup for bossing with good gun anoints and double-dippint transcend, but it would be garbage for takedown or most hard mobbing.

A Transformer or a Stop Gap with absorb and the action skill start anoint will serves you well. Other than that, try to bump up your max health whenever possible for better Sustainment and watch your positioning. Phasezerker builds can still tank, but you’re still going to want weapons that will allow fast kills and spam that Ties That Bind / Allure combo.

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