Phasezerker Class Mod Question

Playing at level 72 as Amara on PC and the Phasezerker is probably my class mod of choice. Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get the Phasezerkers weapon boosters. So far I have +44% on the shotgun, smg, sniper, assault rifle and launcher. However it seems impossible to get the pistol booster on the Phasezerker. It has however dropped on the Nimbus class mod. Does anyone know if the Phasezerker can get the +44% booster to pistol damage or is it just limited to the Nimbus? My ideal Phasezerker class mod would be +44% on shotgun and pistol accompanied by 25% damage reduction. If anyone has a spare I have lots to swap/trade.

The Phasezerker class mod can drop with the pistol damage mod, you just haven’t been lucky enough to get one to drop.

Lootlemon is a good source for questions about things like what stat mods are possible on a piece of gear: